Family of Bears Removed From City

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A curious cub found himself trapped in a Nevada Department of Wildlife trap on Washington Street in Carson City, Monday. The 35 lb cub was discovered by wildlife officers, and then the mother and sibling were found nearby.

The sow, an 11 year old black bear, had been moved once before, 7 years ago. All three of the bears were tranquillized and moved to land near the Hobart Reservoir. “This was an actual best-case result for these bears, that we were able to tranquilize them, extricate them from civilization and release them into the wild,” said Nevada Department of Wildlife spokesman Chris Healy. From the Nevada Appeal.


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Good job folks.  With all the animal attacks in the news lately it is good to see that this one ended well for all involved.  Relocation is probably the best solution for all.  Since  Carson City is really not the best place for a family of bears!  

Kudos to the folks at the Nevada Department of Wildlifefor taking fast action and avoiding poential injuries to the bears, local pets, or Carson City residents.

Well done folks!

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Bears bears and more bears.

Bears bears and more bears. It seems like every news article involves some sort of bear story now. At least this one had a happy ending and no people were hurt and no bears had to be destroyed. Hopefully this family of them stays out of town now and since this is only the second time in 7 years the mother has been trapped maybe she will stay away and be able to save the fate of her cubs.

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It's nice to see that these

It's nice to see that these bears were taken back into the wild. I am glad they were removed before they harmed someone or someone harmed them.

Fish and wildlife to a great job with protecting these bears and all animals for that matter. If it was left up to whoever found them they probably would have just shot them.

Thanks to fish and wildlife they have a good chance of living there life.

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Nice to see that they were

Nice to see that they were sucessfull in getting the animals moved without having to hurt them in a more permament manner.  Hopefully the bears will be able to get acustomed to their new enviroment and will not find themselves back in a what a would be a harmful place for them to be in.  I really like hearing of stories when states come and move troublesome animals instead of just destroying them.

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I assume that's the real

I assume that's the real photo accompanying the article.  If so, ithat's a great looking bear.  I love the cinnamon color on a black bear.

Glad to see they were able to successfully trap and relocate these bears without incident.  Even better is that they were able to keep them together.  Kinda scary for residents that they were in the middle of town though.  Wouldn't have wanted to run into the mom with the cubs walking around at night.

Yes, that is a pic of the sow

Yes, that is a pic of the sow being released.