Fallen Mogul's Trophies Auctioned Off

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At his peak Robert Kubick was a successful real estate business man and held over 250 SCI records. However after fraud charges, bankruptcy, and prison time Mr. Kubick died in late 2006. The News Tribune has an article running about some of his prized mounts being auctioned off to pay old debts and defrauded victims.

With the federal government moving in on Kubick's hidden assets in the early '90s, he mounted the rhinoceros head and about 200 other animals along plywood walls inside a shipping container. He left the container at a storage company under the name of a friend of Kubick's daughter, unbeknownst to her, said federal bankruptcy trustee Bill Barstow in a recent phone interview.


GooseHunter Jr's picture

Yes he did have some really

Yes he did have some really good looking mounts.  It does make you wonder if they were all taken on the up and up. Someone like that would spend $50,000 to kill an elk and then brag about it to  all hi s buddies that he hunted hard a two weeks just to get a shot.  Atleast some of his victums will be getting some money back from all this....might almost call him a poacher...taking something he was suppose to.

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Looks like he had some great

Looks like he had some great trophies. I wish I had some money to purchase one or two of those. Good to see some of the victims might get some money back. 250 sci records, I wonder how many of those were fraudulant. Anyways glad they found these assets. and will be auctioning them off. it will make some people very happy.

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Well, at least the people he

Well, at least the people he frauded are getting a little bit back from this auction.

He had some great trophies in there.  And I see that he had a snow leopard too.  Wow.

I wonder if he really shot them all, or if those claims were fraudulant too... lol