Facebook Posting Leads to Poaching Charge

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Some people should not be on Facebook! A Tampa man, Kyle Edwards, posted a picture of himself, holding an AK-47 next to a dead deer on his Facebook page. Someone who saw the pictures called Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to complain. FWC started investigating Edwards.

Edwards had bought his new AK-47 at a gun show, and then went to friend's private property near Bronson to shoot and camp. While there with another friend he shot an alligator on a dirt road. He and the friend cleaned it and ate some of the meat, gave the rest of the meat to other friends and left the carcass on a dump pile near the camp. The next day Edwards shot the deer, took pictures, cleaned the deer, ate some of the meat, gave the rest to friends, and put the carcass on the dump pile.

When questioned, Edwards admitted shooting an alligator and deer out of season. Poaching a deer is a first degree misdemeanor and alligator is second degree misdemeanor. Edwards faces up to a year and 60 days in jail, and a $1500 fine for taking the two animals out of season.

"Unfortunately, poaching is more common than you might expect," said Karen Parker, a spokeswoman for the FWC, who is based in Lake City. "If someone poaches, they are stealing from someone who follows the rules." From Tampa Bay Online.


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I was just saying this

I was just saying this morning how modern media will be the death of us all... lol

He's an idiot 2 times over.  Once for illegally poaching a deer, and an alligator.  And then, for posting it on Facebook.

Hopefully they'll give him the maximum penalty for the poaching, and even better, I'd like to see them post the results of his court date on Facebook. Wink

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Maybe he is related to the ex

Maybe he is related to the ex congressmen from New York? 

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Never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are on Facebook.  And this guy sure is no exception.  Why do people want to post everything they do, think, say or feel on Facebook?  This guy is going to get exactly what he deserves.

I have heard it said that an action does not happen in your mind until you tell someone about it.  That's why so many criminals get caught.  They have committed a perfect crime but just have to tell someone about it.  It's kind of like debriefing.  Our minds have a need to complete the event by sharing it.  This guy just had to share his deeds with the world.  I'm glad someone had the foresight to call the game department to have it investigated.

Put a gun in the hands of a nut-case and nothing but bad things can happen.  I am not in favor of gun control in any form, but anti's have great amunition with stuff like this.  Especially since it's an AK type rifle.

Hope he enjoyed the meat.  Maybe he'll get to spend some time in a small enclosure and maybe he'll get to eat some roadkill along the way.  I hope so.

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gotta admit he's a retard

This Kid is unreal!!!! Give him 3 years in jail with a mandatory 1.5 years. $3,500.00 Loss of the new AK-47, loss of any vehicle involved, 320 Hours Community service (1/2 for the fish and game and the other half for the community) and loss of hunting/fishing privledges for 5 years.

Give the friend on facebook a citation (award) for his contribution to fighting poaching!

To my knowledge AK'S, AR's, M-16's are all legeal hunting rifles. they all shoot a 5.56 mm/223 round. As long as they are NOT Fully automatic weapons and you block the magazine to restrict the ammo capabilities to 3-5 rounds depending on the state you should be good. none the less this guy spent probably 200.00 to do the wrong thing with it anyway. Unless your on the wrong end of the AK it can be a nifty weapon to add to your arsenal.

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Right or wrong I have to say

Right or wrong I have to say it.

"What a moran"!  For one if you are gonna break the law which you should not......do not post a picture of you doing in a public place.  That is just asking to get busted.  he deserves to caught and thrownnin jail.  I too also think that the measly $1500 he was fined is an outrage.  That is almost like a slap on the wrist.  To boot is  AK-47 a legal gun to even hunt with...which I know he was not hunting but could they throw in some other charge for that.

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OUT RAGE!!!!   $1500 is not

OUT RAGE!!!!   $1500 is not enough.  Here in New Mexico if you shot a trophy animal you pay Big bucks ( a couple thousand a animal).  A gater in my eyes is a trophy!!!  and then just throughing them a way, whats wrong with these people? Put them in Jail and just throw the key away sounds good to me!

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remember the old article - dumb crooks?

Remember the old magazine article - dumb crooks?  Well now we've added technology to amke it even easier for them!

Congratulations to the state of Florida on the conviction of this guy.  You have to wonder about these guys that put pictures of themselves in compromising positions (of any kind!) on teh internet.  Be warned poachers if ANYONE knows you are guilty and sooner or later those folks might just decide to let law enforcement know.  Especially in those states where there is a reward for turning poachers in!  You are far better off to stay way on the safe side of any legal question.  Do all that you can to hunt legally and ethically and you won’t have to worry about it.