Extreme Huntress Contest

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Jackie Gross, 29 years old, has had more adventures than some people have in their entire lifetime. She moved from her home state of Louisiana to Silt, Colorado after college to pursue her passion; hunting. If it is hunting season, there is little that will stop her from being in the field.

She is in the running with 9 other females for Extreme Huntress, the winner will receive a televised safari hunt for cape buffalo in Zimbabwe, hosted by Tahoe Films. To get into the running she wrote a 500 word essay, now the rest is left up to online voting.

Gross' adventures are inspiring. She says she is not a trophy hunter, but hunts for the adventure, and she does use all the meat from the game. A joke in her family - never knowing what will be served at her table. Gross shot a mountain lion while her fiance held on to her coverall bib legs, as she dangled over an embankment - and she had the flu. Gross does an annual bear bow hunt which she may consider the most dangerous. She has hunted a wild buffalo in a snowstorm in 2008. On a moose hunt in Manitoba, she broke her foot while trekking through the woods. After considering all the money and time she had already invested she fixed her boot so her swollen foot would fit and continued trekking. On the last day of the hunt, she harvested a bull moose with a rack measuring 54". A blizzard was blowing in, and she was flown out on a prop plane sitting on top of the meat and moose rack.

To vote for Gross or any of the other nine finalists in the Extreme Huntress 2012 contest, log on to Tahoefilms.com and link to the "Contests" tab. From Denverpost.com.


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This is a great contest,

This is a great contest, which I am proud to say that I voted in last year.  As a result, I am also "friends" on facebook with one of the finalists from last year, who is from Vermont.  She placed 3rd I think, in last yeas extreme huntress competition. She's quite a huntress, and she's had quite a few successful hunts in Vermont and throughout the country.

These are some skilled ladies for sure.  I am not afraid to say that they are quite a bit more skilled and accompluished than me also.  I look at the photos, stories, etc., of all the trips they have killed some beautiful animals.  Judging by some of the photos on the site, therfe is some stiff competition in this years contest also.  Best of luck to Ms. Gross!

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Sounds like she already has had some impressive hunts!

Sounds like she already has had some impressive hunts!  She is quite a hunter! no doubt about it.  I wonder if she needs to win another hunt, but I am already impressed by her hunting resume.  I wonder if I can vote for more than one person or vote more than once a year in thsi contest?  Well only one way to find out if the rules and software allow it....

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Gotta love women hunters that

Gotta love women hunters that have that much passion and drive.  Moose hunting on a broken foot that is no easy task and she accompished it...mynhats off to her one tough gal.  Good luck yo her and all the women in the contest.

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  My hats off to this young


My hats off to this young woman as she knows her passion and is focused on living it.  Congrats Jackie Gross for being a finalist in this event.  She has definitely accomplished or at least tried many great hunts that so many would love to try.  I think this is a great venue that all states should look towards having a sponsored event.  Had I known of this I think I would have offered up my "newby" partner as they have been extremely successful their first year of hunting and still have two more hunts to go this year.  Definitely a real success story here along with the other contestants.   

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This is a lady that inspires me!

I like to see a woman that can be independant and do untraditional things, yet retain thier femininity.