Exciting New Auction Site for Hunters - Bid4Hunting.com

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Bid4Hunting.com has taken the “Penny Auction” concept and created a whole new level of fun and excitement. The site was designed by dedicated hunters, fishermen and outdoorsmen. The new auction site was launched a little over a week ago and is off and running with lots of fun auctions. If you haven't participated in penny auctions yet, you really need to give it a try! It's simply a lot of fun. Bid4Hunting.com has provided BGH with a special link so you can collect your free bids. We tried it out ourselves and can report that it is indeed quick and easy to register. If you have never tried this type of auction, we recommend their blog post with tips on getting started.

So far we have seen a large variety of gift cards from merchants like Bass Pro, Cabela's, Dick's, Sports Authority and even Lowe's, Home Depot and Walmart. Products have included knives, blinds, binos, fishing gear and more. Check out the auctions that have ended and you'll see that items have literally been snatched up for pennies!

Owners are BJ Booker and Kevin Barrett located in Zephyrhills Florida.


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It's for fun!

It's really for fun more than anything else. To get the bargains, it's all in the timing of placing your bids and guessing. Sometimes small items will go very high and other times more expensive items will go for just a few cents. 

I think it's been fun. Only drawback is needing to be by the computer to bid. I don't like to autobid. The items I've won have been a mix of great bargains and some not so great buys because I wasn't willing to give up after having placed many bids. 

Read this "how it works" page for more information to lessen your losses. 
I haven't tried this yet, but you can buy the item after having bid on it.  

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penny auctions? I don't get it

Thanks for the tip and the link to the site. So if I understand this
right, you get charged for every bid that you make. So the key to success would
be to put in just one bid at the very last second. Does that seem right? Am I
missing something? Would there be any reason whatsoever to bid early in an

It seems like if you are under retail value then whoever looked at the
auction at the very end would be able to snatch the item away from you – still
under retail value so a bargain for them – but you would have paid to play and
received nothing in return. That seems like a HORRIBLE way to shop and a
horrible way to sell anything. No one is going to bid over retail on an item so
unless the seller gets some kick back from the bidding fees then they would be
losing money on every item that they offer there.

I wish everyone involved all the luck in the world on making any hunting
or outdoor gear related business a success but I just don’t see how or why
anyone could expect to make money on a penny auctions site – especially as a
long term venture. Or am I missing something?

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I have heard about these but

I have heard about these but never dared try them. So, it's not really a scam, but they make money by people competing against each other?

By what one of you posted, there wer 350 bids, @ $0.60 apiece, for a $50 item.  They raised $210 for a $50 card. 

Sounds like a good business to me.

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I bought a pack from there

I bought a pack from there and it cost me a total of 6.56 and about a week later I got the pack in the mail.  Great little website.  Will be interesting iof it takes off strong and what kind of products will be on there and if they will have some guided hunts come up for bidding.

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I just tried this one out a

I just tried this one out a couple of nights ago and it went well at first as I won a 25 dollar Cabelas gift card for a total cost with postage of less than 2 dollars. Then I won a 15 bid package for only 4 cents that would cost 9 dollars if you bought it straight out. Things went a little bad from there as I started bidding on a 50 dollar Cabelas card and a lot of people got in so the price went way up. I didn't exppecgt it to go so high because of how cheaply I got the 25 dollar card just 2 hours before and I had 20 bids in worth 12 dollars as the bidding kept going. My computer froze for about 1 minute and when I got back in the auction was over and my money was gone. That card went for nearly 3.50 and remember that's 350 bids worth .60 cents each.

Anyway with patience and care you can do well but if not careful you will throw your miney away quickly.

Site is definately a win, win!

I won a " $25.00 Lowes gift card last night for only a few bids. It was my first win, I wanted to try it out before diving in. I would reccomend it to anyone now for sure. I just saw another user post on bid4hunting site that he already recieved several winnings. If bid4hunting keeps up great customer service like that, I am sure they will have great success. Plus its pretty darn fun. My wife wouldnt leave me alone after we won! -- in2win -- see u there:)



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Penny auction sites make money by charging per bid. On this site you have to buy "bid packages" to participate once your freebie bids have been used up. 

It's still a great way to pick up bargains, just have to watch how many times and how you time your bids. They have auto-bidders available, but I think the best way to get what you want is to do it manually. 

Can't wait to see more products on this site! 

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I checked the site out a few

I checked the site out a few days ago, it seems pretty cool. I dont usally have the time to wait for an auction to end but if you time things just right you could score on some pretty cool stuff for pretty darn cheap. All they need is some more stuff on there. How do they get the products to sell on there and only sell it for pennies and make a profit. I've never understood that part of penny aution sites. Anyways i encourage people to check it out and use the BGH link and get your free bids, you'll have fun.

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Looks pretty interesting. The

Looks pretty interesting. The name, "penny auction" is a bit misleading, however, when each time you bid a penny, it costs .60 for the bid. If you make 10 bids, you have actually spent $6.10 + shipping if you win.