Escaped Elk Not Allowed to Return Home to Pennsylvania

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Recently we reported on a bull elk that has taken up residence in Marshall County, West Virginia, where he has become quite famous. He even has his own Facebook page dedicated to saving his life in Pleasant Valley. Residents of Pleasant Valley want to make sure that the West Virginia DNR doesn't kill the elk, however by law West Virginia is required to destroy him.

The Richter family has a farm where they raise elk in Greene County, Pennsylvania. Last year a gate was left open and elk escaped. Some were found and brought back to the farm, but after searching they could not find one of the bulls.

George Richter would like to bring the bull elk back home. Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture will not allow such a move though due to fear that the elk may have contracted CWD. There is no test available for live animals, so Richter cannot bring home the bull alive. West Virginia wants Richter to do something about the elk, but he is between a rock and a hard place in this matter.

If they won’t let us bring it back into Pennsylvania, and they’re saying I’m responsible for it over there,” said George Richter. “I don’t know what to do. I really don’t. I’m at a loss.” From Pittsburgh