Escaped Alaska Bear's Biggest Threat - Other Bears

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Heavy snowfall in Alaska had caused damage to an electric fence at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center near Portage. The fence had to be turned off for maintenance, during that time period, the inhabitant a 2 year old Kodiak bear was able to escape by climbing over the fence.

Shaguyik (sheh-GOY’-uk), an Eskimo name for “ghost” or “shadow" is the escaped bear, and the first escapee the center has had. They let the public know almost a week after the bear escaped. For Alaska though it is just another bear in an area that is already populated by many bears. Even though Shaguyik was raised in captivity, the public is asked to stay away if they see her. The center is hoping that when Shaguyik becomes hungry she will return, as that is where she has been fed for most of her life.

Shaguyik was found in December of 2010 on Kodiak Island, at a time when most bears are denned, Shaguyik was taken to Anchorage for care and ended up living at the center. She was going to be sent to Sweden to live in a zoo in early summer of this year.

There have been calls from people saying they have seen Shaguyik, but now is also the time of year when a lot of bears are coming out of their dens. Those bears will be the biggest threat to Shaguyik. She is not a full grown bear, only 2 years, so still a cub in nature. There is a threat that other bears will eat her if they have not already. From The Washington Post.