Elkford Residents Asked for Help to Discourage Bears

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Three cubs have been foraging through trash and consuming fallen fruit in the town of Elkford in eastern British Columbia. Two of the bears are white bears, and DNA tests are in the process to determine if they are related to Kermode bears, also known as the "Spirit Bear" of British Columbia's central coast.

A community meeting was held, advising residents to help the bears move on. The bears risk being destroyed as they have become a nuisance in the town. They have been spotted in kitchens, on patios, and frequented yards.

Elkford spokeswoman Randi McDonald has been speaking in schools, at meetings, and passed out flyers urging residents to clean up the fallen fruit, and keep their trash out of yards. Without the easily accessible food maybe the bears will return to their natural food sources. From CBCNews.com.


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Beautiful bears and hopefully

Beautiful bears and hopefully we will get an update on how this turns out. I think it's strange that only two of the bears are white and one not if they were really related to the spirit bears in question. I would be surprised if this story has a happy ending as the three bears have already become a problem and have learned how to get free food. Plus the residents are probably not all going to change thier habits enough to save them. These guys are just too cute at this point and most people will not consider the fact that they will get bigger along with the problems they can cause as they do. Hopefully I'm wrong as it's not that hard to bearproof things and leave them no easy food options, but I still think they will just go to the next area to continue the easy life they have been taught and learned.

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  Pretty neat looking bear


Pretty neat looking bear cubs.  I would hope the residents of this area would do the right thing here and act appropriately to ensure food sources are not made available and these bear cubs move on back deep into the woods where they belong. 

The full article ends with the sentence, "Conservation officers in the area valley shoot dozens of black bears every year."  Good grief if that is not written to sensationalize the story.  Or maybe the writer is smart enough to include it so the residents do accomplish removing the food sources as they don't want to be the person responsible for the destruction of these bear cubs.  Either way the sentence implies that bears are killed only for their human interaction and these cubs may face the same fate.  As long as they are not being aggressive towards humans I am certain they will be trapped or tranquilized for relocation versus killed - regardless if they are regular black bears or not.


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I have seen some of these

I have seen some of these "spirit bears" before, and yes, they are really cool.  However, you would think that it would be common sense with most people to not feed them, and to take precautions in order to keep them from being attracted to the area.  I don't necessarily see the problem with the fruit, as that is a natural bear food.  Might be uncomfortable if it's a fruit tree in your front yard, but still can't blame anyone for that.

However, garbage?  Not a natural bear food, and should be taken care of by the residents.  Hopefully nothing serious happens with the bears, and when all the precautions are taken, they will move on.  Don't know how I would like it if I found one in my kitchen though.... lol

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White bears!  That's pretty

White bears!  That's pretty cool.  I hope they can convince them to move out of town and learn how to be bears out in the woods.