Elk Shed Find Like Holy Grail for Pilot Rock Hunter

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Chris Harer and girlfriend Cara Angell, were forced to higher ground after Harer's truck got stuck. They had no cell service, and about an hour left of daylight. Angell not wanting to spend a freezing night out with the wildlife, decided they needed to climb the hill for cell service. As they were climbing off the beaten path, pushing through dense shrubbery, Harer saw something- he assumed it was a bull elk carcass, but was wrong. Harer found a huge elk shed, a pair of six-point, roughly 360-inch bull elk sheds with 22-inch sabres. From the look of the tines it was a killer elk. Harer then lugged his treasure 300 yards up the hill, to where Angell was able to get cell service and call her stepfather to come rescue them.

Harer has received offers of money, and a truck for the shed. He said he will never sell them. “Nobody could pay me enough for them,” Harer said. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime find in this area, and I will be telling this story until the day I die.” Harer said the antlers rank among the highlights of his life. For a small-town hunter, he said, they are priceless, like the Holy Grail.

Harer will not disclose the exact location of the find either, but the elk will be out there this hunting season for those interested. From the East Oregonian.


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It sure looks like a bull worth chasing!

Congratulations to Mr. Harer, I'm glad that his being stranded didn’t turn out  badly for him.  It ended up being a blessing instead.  I bet there will be elk hunters begging for the site location.  Based on the look of those antlers it sure looks like a bull worth chasing!

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First of all, congratulations to Chris for such a wonderful find.  Some would call that luck; others would call it destiny.  It really doesn't matter..... Chris found them.

With that said, I'm not so sure I understand his overwhelming passion to keep them.  I would love to find something like that and I'd wear my camera out taking pictures.  I'd invite all my friends to have a look and maybe hang them on the wall for a while.  BUT, if someone offered me a chunk of change, I'd be a richer man.

I have had the opportunity to hang someone else's trophy on my wall a plethora of times but turn it down.  Yes, they were beautiful animals and people would be proud to harvest them and show them off.  For me, I'd rather have a smaller animal on the wall and be able to say "I took it myself".  I may be crazy, but I'd rather sell them and use the money to go on a hunt, buy myself a new rifle or do something with my family.

If they were world record class, I'd wait for the high bidder and make some money.  Again, congratulations to Chris and his girlfriend on such a wonderful find.