Elk on the Loose, Days are Numbered

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Marshall County, West Virginia has a new resident - a resident with a target on him. When the residents of Marshall County discovered that the DNR was planning on killing the elk, they pulled together in an effort to save the elk. This elk had escaped from a farm in Pennsylvania. The females that had escaped with the bull elk, were tranqulized and transported back to Allepo, Pennsylvania.

This elk has been residing in the woods behind a home in Pleasant Valley. Neighbors have pointed out that he is a farm raised elk, and used to being fed by people his whole life. They do not like the fact that DNR is planning on killing him and testing him, however there is a West Virginia law that states "any cervid -- which is an animal in the deer family -- that was formerly captive but has been on the loose for more than two weeks must be killed and tested for disease."

Children love looking out the bus window and seeing the elk. Drivers will stop their cars to get a glimpse of the elk. Residents would like another solution for the DNR's handling of the elk. DNR officials state that they will be carrying out West Virginia's law within a few days by euthanizing the elk. From WTOV9.com.