Elk Hunter Stumbles Across Plesiosaur

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Invariably the sheer number of hunters hitting the great outdoors uncovers some unusual items every fall. This fall a Montana elk hunter was lucky enough to stumble across the fossil remains of a carnivore from 75 million years ago.

The Daily Mail has a story about David Bradt and his unusual find.

David Bradt, who was hunting elk, stumbled on the largely intact fossilised remains of a plesiosaur in Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, in Montana, U.S. Mr Bradt, who manages a guest ranch in Montana's Bitterroot Valley, said: 'At first I didn't realise what I was looking at. 'Then I realised it wasn't just an interesting piece of rock, I was looking at a rib. I was awestruck.'


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So did he get an elk or

So did he get an elk or what... ha. Now that is quite the find. I know a lot of guys who love hunting for arrowheads and other relics so I think their head's would explode if they found something like this. I used to love digging for dinosaur bones when I was little and so that would be a dream come true to stumble upon a rib that was bigger than me. I am still waiting for my chance to discover something crazy like that. I guess I need to start terrorizing my mom again by digging 5 foot deep holes in her back yard like I used to do. She is really going to be confused when she comes home to me home for Thanksgiving break taking a shovel to the lawn but hey... a man's got to do what a man's got to do! Wish me luck haha.

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That would be an awesome

That would be an awesome find.  Not too many guys go elk hunting and come home with a dinosaur.  Congrats to the lguy for finding it.  Will be interesting to see what happens and what is left when they begin to dig it out.

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I am kind of curious what

I am kind of curious what this guy will get out of it.  It appears he was on federal land, so technically, it belongs to the government, I believe.  If so, maybe they will at least let him name it, or name it after him.

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Yeah, it sounds like the feds

Yeah, it sounds like the feds took control of it already so I don't think the guy will get it or anything monetary, but having it named after him would be cool.  So would a little plaque stating it was found by him if it was displayed in a museum.

Wonder how much something like that is actually worth?  Saw some little plant and insect fossils sell for $1200 on pawn stars so i bet this would be worth mucho dinero.

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Well, I just did some quick

Well, I just did some quick searching on google.  Just the teeth alone are from $175 to $250.  I found one whole fossil, 6 feet long, and it's actually a REPLICA and it's $1000 starting bid.  I gotta believe a 12 foot fossil, if it's original and mostly fully intact, has to bring a boatload more money.

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Call me a kid, but this is

Call me a kid, but this is still one of my fascinations.  I love history, and relic hunting.  I love looking for arrowheads, and any type of old thing I can.  The one thing I have never done is look for fossils, but I always say that if I win the lottery, it's one thing I would take a couple of weeks to do.  I'd book a trip to the Black Hills or somewhere else in the middle of the country and volunteer with a project, or just find access and start looking on my own.  I agree with you though CVC, don't know if I would recognize them right away or not.

Also Tornado chasing.  Would love to do that.  Great story!!!

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Talk about "shed" hunting. 

Talk about "shed" hunting.  Wow, what a find.  From looking at the pictures I am not sure I would have realized it was a fossil.  I am glad he found it and that it will be recovered.  I find old fossils a fascinating look into our past.