Elk Due to Arrive in Missouri By End of Month

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Following a 90 day quarantine period in Kentucky, 34 elk will make their way to Missouri by the end of the month. According to the Kansas City InfoZine, once the elk arrive in Missouri they will be retained at the Peck Ranch Conservation Area for two weeks before being released.

“We know Missourians are very excited to have free-ranging elk back in the state and are eager to see them,” said MDC Elk Project Coordinator Ron Dent. “While we would like to allow public viewing of their arrival and while they are in the holding pen, that is not compatible with the animals’ welfare.”


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This is great, the elk

This is great, the elk reintroduction programs have worked out great, hopefully elk be all over the country in there past ranges. here pretty soon the people of missouri will have a big enough population for hunting. I love reading a hearing about transplant stories, the funny thing is its always hunting groups and hunters doing this, I have never heard of an antihunting group funding a reintroduction plan.hmmmmm just goes to show who the true conservationist really are.

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That is great news for

That is great news for Missouri.  That game animal will bring in some great revenue for the state..and what a great sate to go elk hunting in.  Gose hunted there a few years ago and it was great...hopefully the elk hunitng will thrive strong!