Elk Arrive in Missouri

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After a long journey and some criticism from agricultural groups, elk have finally arrived in Missouri. 34 animals arrived at the Peck Ranch last week and will begin an acclimation process before being released. STL Today has a write up on the historic arrival.

"There is no higher calling in conservation than restoring a native game species to sustainable, huntable, balanced populations," David Allen, president of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, which has helped reintroduce elk in several states and has donated more than $300,000 to bring the animals to Missouri, said in a prepared statement.


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applause to the state of Missouri!

Except for the cost factor and its impact on taxpayers and wild life agency budgets this seems like great news on all fronts from the state of Missouri. I can’t see a single negative impact except for the low likelihood potential that a few more elk might add to the danger of over browsing (to the detriment of deer or other species), but how can you argue with ‘restoring a native game species to sustainable, huntable, balanced populations’ ?


Thirty four animals seems like a reasonable start to establish a breeding population too.  I wonder if they will release them all together or split them up into a couple of groups? 


$300,000 seems like a lot since that works out to be almost ten thousand dollars per animal to be released if it only includes the thirty four mentioned.  It would seem to me that someone is not working as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  They might need an auditor on the job in this project to figure out where the over spending went.  I’d think that they should be able to do this for no more than half the cost.  I suppose there is a learning curve though.  Maybe another 30 animals could be brought in at $3,000 total since the initial start up costs are already covered and the equipment etc. should all already be in place against any need of future use.  So my one concern is the huge cost of the effort but the end result is a laudable one that I can support.  In any case it will likely be a long time before Missouri has a huntable population from a sustained herd, but this is a great first step.  Thanks for sharing the information and applause to the state of Missouri!



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That is really good heard

That is really good heard that they nade it.  I have hunted in Missouri before not for elk but waterfowl and that is a great state to hunt in.  Maybe if they open hunting to non-residents I may just have to apply.

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Very nice to see.  I was

Very nice to see.  I was hoping that this would go through, and the protest from the agricultural groups would not hold.

It's funny, they tried to say that the elk were not native to that area, so they shouldn't be releassed there.  Well, technically, I bet half the crops the farmers grow were not native either, so should we stop them from farming?

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I've been watching the

I've been watching the progress on this one for awhile and it's good to see the final steps coming together.

I know some people complained but I'm sure they will be able to manage them well just like all the other states that have done the same.