Eighteen Pound Turkey on First Hunt

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12 year old Kyle grew up with toy guns, and shooting, helped get rid of the red squirrels at his grandfather's. Kyle was waiting for his first bird hunt, that his proud grandfather Dick Pinney was able to take him on. Pinney is not a turkey hunter, but was happy to experience this with his grandson. They revamped their shooting skills, went through their hunter safety again and got their license.

The morning of their hunt; they are too excited to eat, and Kyle admits he was too excited to sleep much either, they wrap up their breakfast and head out. Pinney has a friend who is letting them hunt on his land, which is a perfect place for a boy's first turkey hunt, no other hunters. As soon as they get out of the truck Kyle hears a gobble, and then hens reply. They spend the day calling, tracking, setting up decoys, waiting, and Kyle suggests they go back where they started in the morning.

There is more waiting, and more calling- Pinney says they will try it a couple more times and if the toms won't come to them they will go to the toms. A tom appears, at Pinney's first sight it seems out of range, then he looks again realizes it is in range. “Shoot him!” That 20 gauge was like a cannon in the still woods. “Did I get him Dickie?” “What do you think that is flopping all over the place?” Kyle was able to take home his 18 lb tom, and has many more hunting adventures in his future. From NewHampshire.com.


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It's great reading about kids

It's great reading about kids and some of their first hunting experiences. I don't know how big the average turkey is as I have yet not been able to get out and get one myself but from the responses it must be a really ggod one. Congratulations to the boy and I hope he enjoys a lifetime of great hunts like this one.

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Wow now that is truly a real

Wow now that is truly a real impressive bird.  Congrats to the lucky hunter who gets to put their tag on a grteat trophy.  I saw some real big birds this past season but I do not think they were quite that big.  Thanks for a great good news story.

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Very cool story!  It's neat

Very cool story!  It's neat to read about a kids excitement to get intot he outdoors.

Heck, I am 39 years old, and still have not shot a turkey.  And, I still get excited every time I go into the woods.

If I don't feel that excitement, I would stop hunting. 

Good for the kid!  Great bird, first of 50th!!!