Early Elk Season Victorious for Mother and Son

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Nevada's early elk season opens November 4th and closes November 18th. This year Hunter Wilkin 12 applied for his first bull elk tag, and luckily drew his first tag. Hunter was hunting with his father, and some friends on November 6th when he spotted a bull elk. He watched it for about 45 minutes when the bull started chasing a cow and Hunter had his shot. Hunter had borrowed his grandfather's custom made 7MMSPW Remington that is custom made to shoot out to 1,000 yards. Hunter shot his bull elk from 450 yards. The 6x6 bull elk scored 340 points.

Fast forward to the last day of the season. Amy Wilkin was using the same gun and hunting in the same area; 23. She felt the pressure that day, as her son had already harvested his bull elk and she hadn't drawn a bull elk tag in the last eight years. She called her father, father-in-law and brother to her side for assistance on spotting for her. They spotted a bull elk head into the trees in the morning and spent the day keeping their eyes on it. Amy moved to another spot at about 3 pm, and a little after that one of the men said "Elks Up." It was Amy's time. From 315 yards she brought down the 6x7 bull elk that scored 361 points.

Congrats to the mother and son duo, Hunter on his first bull elk, and to Amy for her 6x7 bull elk. From The Lincoln County Record.