Eagle Drops Fawn, Causes Power Outage

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East Missoula experienced a power outage on Wednesday, the cause was something they would never expect. Resident Lee Bridges went out to inspect after the power went out. There are eagles in the area, and there was one close by at the top of a spruce tree. She had never seen one so close, however there are nests located across the river. Bridges said the eagle had eaten most of the fawn already and then dropped it on its way back to its nest.

NorthWestern Energy received the call that the power was out and sent a team to restore power. The crew saw the burn mark on the lines where the fawn made contact and what had caused the outage. They removed the carcass from the lines and power was restored in 30 minutes. From KRTV.com.


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Maybe it was just trying to cook it?

Who knew that they had pterodactyls in East Missoula ?  That must have been a pretty big eagle!  No wonder he or she dropped the fawn.  That must have been a tremendously heavy load for any single bird no matter how big they were! Wow

I never would have imagined one carrying a deer fawn except for maybe a very small newborn airborne.

I saw that picture of the moose hanging from power lines in Alaska. If I remember right, the lines had been lowered for some repair or maybe just putting up new lines and when they raised them they somehow snagged the moose by the antlers and lifted him off the ground.  The crew found the moose while he was still alive but he didn’t make it from what I recall.   – Just checked Arrowflipper’s link and it has pretty much the same story on Snopes. 

I know in some areas of Alaska the eagles are thick like around Arrowflippers place.  And small dogs are in danger.  In Aniak on the Koskaswim river there is a home where they have a pair of pomeranians (I think) and the kennel has to have  a roof on it just like we have to protect our chickens here in New York state from red tailed hawks and owls.  If we have a cat go missing we normally blame coyotes, but owls probably snag a few too.  Eagles are pretty rare around here.  I might see one or two per year.   

Maybe the eagle really didn’t drop the fawn.  Maybe it was just trying to cook it?


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Great pictures including the

Great pictures including the link provided by arrowflipper. I had not seen either of these before do zi enjoyed them both. I see a lot of eagles where I live as well but usually at a distance so I tend to forget how truly large and powerful they can be. I have seen them carrying fish before or a duck carcass but would never have imagined one carrying even a deer fawn up into the air.

Great story.

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It's interesting the odd places you find animals.  A couple of years ago there was a picture going around on the net of a moose hanging from some lines in Alaska.  With the amount of wildlife around, it's a wonder we don't see more crazy things.

Eagles are a large and powerful bird.  And very carnivorous!  The highest mortality rate with mountain goat kids is to eagles.  Not much else can get to them, but the mighty eagle soars in and is gone with kid in tow before the nanny has a chance to react. 

I live in an area with a fairly high eagle population.  I see eagles almost every day and during parts of the year, I see several a day.  I have watched as a young eagle stalks a duck on the water.  The duck will duck (maybe that's why they are named "duck"?) under the water each time the eagle swoops down but sooner or later, the duck is too late.  Without stopping, the eagle swoops down and snatches the quacker out of the water and off they go to some high perch where the eagle enjoys "Peking Duck" for dinner.  It's not uncommon for a dog or cat to go missing in our neighborhood and never show up again.  Eagles have an appetite for small animals.

I did enjoy the picture of the fawn on the power line.  It looks like the guy up on the lift was taking a picture from much closer range.  I would like to see his picture as well.  To see the picture of the moose hanging from the power lines, click on this link.  You will be able to read the story and see the picture.


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Wow now that is a pretty

Wow now that is a pretty strange story.  I think that had to be a pretty strong eagle to carry a fawn.  I guess when you feed your young you wil go to all measure to get it done.