Drunk Elk Needs Help Getting Out of Tree

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Per Johansson of Saro, Sweden came home from work Tuesday evening to a strange sight. There was an elk stuck in his apple tree, with only one leg touching the ground. Johansson thought it looked pretty bad, so he called police for help who then contacted a hunter to help with the elk. Johansson and a neighbor started working with a saw to remove some branches, the hunter showed up with a saw as well, but the men were unsuccessful.

It wasn't until firefighters arrived and were able to move the branches to where the elk could slip out, that the elk was freed. The elk slid from the tree to laying passed out on the front lawn of Johansson's home. Johansson believes the elk became drunk after eating fermented apples in the yard. His neighbor said the elk almost ran into her car earlier in the day, probably already feeling the effects of the fermented apples.

The next morning the elk did get up and scamper off. Hopefully without too many ill effects of those fermented apples. From UPI.com.

BGH note: What we call elk in North America is not the same as the European elk, in fact what they call elk is what we call moose here!


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Fortunately this moose got

Fortunately this moose got stuck where he did and was able to recieve some help to get out of the situation he found himdelf in here. I have seen deer hung up in a fence before and it's not a pretty sight and for sure a terrible way to die. I did find a similar situation with a winter killed deer years ago where one hoof way stuck in the fork of a small tree. Funny thing is for this guy is he probably won't remember any of it and may find himself in the same situation again someday.

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That is pretty darn funny. I

That is pretty darn funny. I bet he was hung over the next day, that might be just as funny to see.


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Hey, I didn't get any credit

Hey, I didn't get any credit this time for posting this story first!!!!! Wink

Just kidding lol

I thought this was pretty funny.  That thing is wedged up in there pretty good.  In the thread that I posted, I mentioned how I might be able to shoot this one, breaking my 10 year big game drought.

We didn't see your post!

We didn't see your post! smile

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I understand.  I am used to

I understand.  I am used to being ignored.... Wink

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Ok sorry...just learned that

Ok sorry...just learned that this is referring to Swedish Elk, but we call them Moose.

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That is a pretty funny story,

That is a pretty funny story, would be pretty weird to see a big game animal intoxicated.  But I have to say that sure does look like a moose in a tree to me and not an elk??