Driver Survives Collision with Moose

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Peter Avery was driving home at 3:30 am on Route 2 in Massachusetts on Wednesday when he struck a moose. After the collision he swerved and then was rear-ended by a truck. Peter Avery survived, the 500 lb moose died on impact. Looking at Avery's car it is amazing that he is alive, with two black eyes, and a laceration on his forehead, a hoof mark on his bicep and a smile on his face.

Avery did not want to be taken to the hospital by responders. He was on the phone with his wife after the accident telling her he didn't want to go. She got on the phone with an EMT and told them to take him to the hospital because he was not talking normally, but babbling. Avery's wife was able to make it to the hospital before Avery. Avery received scans and tests at the hospital and then was released. “The moral of the story is — wear your seat belt,” said Mrs. Avery. “If he didn't have it on, he would have been ejected out of the car. He would not be alive without that seat belt. Only one in five people that hit a moose at high impact survive.” From Worcester Telegram and Gazette.


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luucky to belive..  that

luucky to belive..  that person better go buy some lottery tickets today.. 

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Wow amazing story.  I have

Wow amazing story.  I have seen numerous stories of people hitting moose with there cars and especially cars and that they sit lower it always ends up with the moose in there lap.  That is prety lucky that he was not hurt more serioulsyl.  Even wearing a seatbelt you could still really get hurt when an animal that size hit your couple thosand pound car.

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Wow, It looks like a lucky

Wow, It looks like a lucky man to walk away from this one. I have been very fortunate in that although I have hit a couple of deer in my life I have come away with only minor damage to my car or truck. I have seen similar damage to vehicles around here from people that have hit an elk and in many cases people have been killed either from the collision or going off of the road trying to avoid one. People always will tell you that if you know you are in deer or elk country or in this case moose country to drive accordingly but eventually you forget at just the wrong moment and things like this happen.

the area where I live was so bad that they eventually put up a game fence for over ten miles on each side of the highway to keep them off of the road during the winter months when they come down to lower elevations. It was a huge success but cost a lot money to get it done.

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Amazing that someone can

Amazing that someone can survive a collision with a moose like that, especially after seeing the damage to his car.

My dad said he saw a nice cow moose the other day right in the middle of the road, but at least it was daytime, and on a straightaway.  tough when you come around a turn at 60 mph and they are standing right there.

Even with the black eyes, and hoof mark lol, he could have come out alot worse.  Gotta be careful out there int he dark, those big critters are hard to see.