Dream of Hunting with Ted Nugent?

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Ted Nugent has put up a hunt on Charity Buzz, an auction site. The highest bidder will spend a day hunting and fishing on Nugent's Waco, Texas land. The winner can bring a guest and they will spend the day, hunting with Nugent, and Donald Trump's sons, Donald Jr and Eric. The proceeds will go to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. The current starting bid is $5,250. The package's estimated value is $30,000 and the auction will be open until August 8th. From The Seattle Times.


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I suppose I could hunt with

I suppose I could hunt with Ted Nugent, if it's for charity Wink

Ted is a great spokesman for our hunting heritage.  He may be brash, and a little forceful with his words, but you can't fault him for being passionate.  Yes, he did have that incident where he shot an illegal buck, but I chalk that up to not being informed, and he paid for his mistake.

To go and hunt, with a friend, on his land in Waco Texas would be a great time.  And, St. Jude's is a great charity.

Kudos to them for putting this together. Probably gpoing to go a little higher than I can afford, but what the heck lol

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I would love to be able to go

I would love to be able to go on this hunt just for the fun of it. I get a kick out of watching Ted and all the commotion he causes. He has done a lot of good before and I'm sure will continue with events like this and being very outspoken all of the time. He has gotten into some trouble lately so this should help put him in a better light. As has been said there will be no bids from me either as that's way more than I could spend. He should consider more of a raffle situation so some regular guys could get a chance at it as well. I knew of his Texas property and he also has a very nice place in Michigan as well.

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It is very nice to see that

It is very nice to see that there is people out there that care so much. St judes does a very good job with children. I hope this auction raises alot of money for this hospital.

Although I wont be bidding on this being I dont have this kind of money just sitting around, but if I did I would probably take a shot at it.

Thank you Ted for the fund raiser that will be helping lots of kids in need of it.


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Cool - let hope they raise a lot of money

Cool - let hope they raise a lot of money.  This sounds like a great fund raising opportunity for the charity.  A win for teh hunter who bids high, and a good public relation move for Ted Nugent.  A real win: win: win with no down side.   I like uncle Ted.  I think he's a great spokesman for the second amendment and I vote for him to stay on teh Board of Directors of teh National Rifle Association - every time he is up for re-election but I don't think I would spend a lot of money bidding on this.  Someone surely will though and that will be good for  St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.  They are a worthy organization and do a lot of good for sick and injured children and their families.  Good for Mr. Nugent and good luck to  St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.


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That would definetly be a

That would definetly be a good time had by all.  Glad to se that the money rasied will be going to a good cause.  It will definetly help put alof of kids that can desperatly need it.  Nice to see some hunter get togther and raise some money and put it to some good use.  hate off to the Nugents and Trumps!