Drain Tunnel Creates Nice Den for Black Bear

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A black bear has chosen a man-made den for its winter hibernation, a drain tunnel in Wisconsin. The drain tunnel is safe and dry for the bear, so it may stay in there up to four more months. The DNR suggests leaving bears alone while they are hibernating.

A lot of the hibernation dens are quite obvious to the visible eye. Generally, black bears are fairly submissive. Their first instinct will be to turn and run away from people. So, it would be very unusual, especially in the state of Wisconsin for a bear to attack anyone,” Courtney Schaefer, a DNR wildlife biologist said. From Fox6Now.com.


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That's a big one.  Actually,

That's a big one.  Actually, it's quite common in some places with bigger bear populations.  There was a show, maybe called Bear Whisperer or something along those lines, where he works around the Lake Tahoe area dealing with problem bears.  In the episode, they had a few bears around town that would den up in the culverts on golf courses, under people's decks, etc., and he would non-chalantly say "Oh, he'll just stay there till spring".... lol

Not sure I'd want one under my deck though.......