Dove Hunter Shot in Chest

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A dove hunt in California turned violent for a 35 year old man. He was dove hunting with a group of friends in Butte County, California, on Saturday when he was allegedly shot in the chest by Barry Richard Germo. Butte County Sgt. Jason Hail responded, and witnesses told him that Germo was responsible and directed Hail to Germo's house.

Germo was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, his bond is set at $60,000. The victim was taken to Enloe Hospital and is in stable condition. From


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It just goes to show that not

It just goes to show that not everyone is out there for the same reasons most of us here are. Hunting is supposed to be what we do to relax and enjoy nature, not get all upset and lose control over and hurt someone. If that is what really happened then hopefully the fullest charges will be pushed and ample punishment will be given. It's situations like this that end up making the news and giving all real hunters a bad name. The non hunting public sees this and actually fears hunters as being crazy gun nuts just looking to hurt and kill things. 

I have seen a few situations that could have turned similar over people arguing over hunting the same area on public lands like they all owned it for themselves. Sometimes it doesn't work out as we planned but you just have to roll with it and move on.

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Wow a possible dispute over

Wow a possible dispute over some dove hunting.  I know they are the nation top game bird but please a handful of doves it not worth getting all worked uop enough that you need to shoot somene over them.  Hopefully he will pay the price for his actions and hopefully the victum will have a full recovery.

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Wow!  I dove hunt out here in

Wow!  I dove hunt out here in California, and it's commonplace to get "peppered" with shot while out there in teh fields.  There are thousands of people hunting, and in alot of cases, you are lined up 50 yards apart along a public field.  While most people practice safe gun handilng, there are always idiots in the crowd.

But, it seems like this guy did this intentionally.  Maybe a disagreement, or whatever, but I am surprised attempted murder isn't tacked on top of the assault charge also.