Don't Feed Bears Hamburgers

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Eagle, Colorado has a Burger King right off I-70, and is also surrounded by wooded mountains, making it a perfect location for bears. A female black bear and her three cubs had been rummaging through the dumpster there, and were drawing a crowd. Some people actually bought burgers for the bears and fed them by hand. “This is an extraordinary example of stupid and irresponsible behavior by people,” DOW regional manager Ron Velarde said. Now the bears will associate food with people. Division of Wildlife would like any information leading to the people who were feeding the bears. There are serious fines for feeding wildlife. Also it endangers the wildlife, and the citizens in the area. There had been previous reports of this sow entering a car foraging for food.

Eagle does not have ordinances in place for bear resistant dumpsters or trash cans, but in bear country it is a good idea to have bear resistant dumpsters in place to reduce bear human interactions. From


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Amazing these people will sit

Amazing these people will sit and feed the bears and tghen when the bear breaks into their house or eats the Shitzu its all the bears fault and then the bear has to be put down because it is a nusance.  I think peope are all to plan for bears behavior most of the time.  We move into their woods and then we want them gone....we feed them then were made when they attack.  I personally would love to live in the moutains with bears and other wild animals at my back do, but tahts just me.

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Sounds like candidates for a

Sounds like candidates for a Darwin award.

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I just finshed watching this

I just finshed watching this on the local news before I saw and read it posted here. Eagle is only about a 30 mminute drive for me so it got my attention right away. People will never learn or believe the dangers an animal can have on the situation until something bad actually happens. It is likely that these bears will become a problem in the future and will end up having to be put down and then as usual everyone will be screaming about why they had to be killed and start going over the they were here first story. We see this happen nearly every year in the valley here when people refuse to obey the rules about leaving trash out or in cases like this one actually doing it on purpose so as to get some better pictures. The more bears the Dow kills the more people complain about them doing it.

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If it wasn't for the fact

If it wasn't for the fact that I feel sorry for the bears, I would have a wildlife officer sit there, wait till the bear shows up in front of a crowd, and shoot the darn thing.  Then, explain to the people, that "You did this, you idiots!!!".  Feeding hamburgers to bears by hand?????

Amazing how stupid people can be.  I think the bears are the smart ones here.  Wait till one of the people gets attacked, then they will probably try and sue Burger King or something for provoking the situation.... lol