DNR Officer Helps Black Bear Out

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Maybe it is the holiday season that inspired Minnesota DNR officer Don Bozovsky to pull the porcupine quills out of the bear's muzzle. Bozovsky got a phone call that a black bear had followed an angler from his fishing hut back to his home and did not want to leave. Bozovsky came out to assist the angler.

The black bear seemed to be overly friendly with humans, allowing the angler to leash him and to pet him at one point. Bozovsky saw that the bear had quills in his muzzle, and thought it might be difficult for the bear to eat, so he decided to help the bear out.

The black bear was not a large bear, about 4 1/2 feet on his feet, and 80 pounds. Bozovsky thinks maybe the bear had come out with warmer weather and was trying to get some more food before denning.

Bozovsky didn't have any tranquilizers, so he decided he would use his catch-pole. A five foot long pole, with a rubber noose at the end. Once the noose went around the bear's neck the fight began. The bear just wanted to be free of it, so Bozovsky tightened the noose to where the bear had trouble getting enough air. The bear eventually became tired and Bozovsky was able to use his Leatherman to pull out the quills.

Bozovsky then put the bear in a large dog kennel, drove down the road 10 miles and tried to release him. The bear did not take off at first, but Bozovsky prodded him and then he took off. Then he turned around and was heading back so Bozovsky shot his firearm to scare the bear away and to make the bear fearful of man. Hopefully the bear will den up soon, and not follow any more anglers home. From TwinCities.com.