DNA Suggests Mountain Lion Victim's Story is a Hoax

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Last week Robert Biggs was in the news for surviving a mountain lion attack when a mother bear came to his rescue. His story was amazing, and may have been believable or unbelievable. California Department of Fish and Game took it very seriously. They would have to warn people if there was a mountain lion attacking people in a popular hiking spot.

They went to Bigg's home after the attack to get his story, and to collect evidence that would support Bigg's story. There was a spot of blood on Bigg's backpack that was collected and tested for DNA to match either a bear, a mountain lion, or a human. Biggs said it could be his, he had showered and washed his clothes before they were collected for testing, and as for his backpack it had gone through a rain shower from the time of the attack to the time it was collected. The DNA came back as belonging to a human.

California Department of Fish and Game issued this statement :The California Department of Fish and Game takes seriously any report of a wild animal attack on a human, and I assure you we investigated this claim quickly and thoroughly. All of the evidence -- the lab results, an investigation at the scene, and the scratches on Mr. Biggs' arm -- is inconsistent with a mountain lion attack.

Biggs says he does not care what they say, he is telling the truth. From USAToday.com.