Director of Colorado's Newly Merged State Parks and DOW Announced

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U.S. Forest Service regional forester Rick Cables will be the director of the new Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife. Cables is a Pueblo native and has many years of experience with the forest service. He has worked in Alaska, New Hampshire, Maine, Kansas along with Colorado. His new position as director will begin in July when the merger happens. From


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Well here we go. It will be

Well here we go. It will be interesting to see how this all works out for us. Will things continue in the direction they have been going as far as game management goes or will more emphasis be placed on overall recreation in the state? I find it interesting in that the purpose of the merger is to save money but yet they have created a whole new director position that probably pays even better that the two positions that it now oversees. Unless those positions themselves are eliminated but it does not look like it at this time. It will be interesting as well to see how much money is really saved by putting this into place.

Let's hope for the best.