DFW Confirms Wolverines in Oregon

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Last week the ODFW announced that researchers had found wolverine tracks in Wallowa Mountains of Northeast Oregon. This week the ODFW confirmed photos of two different wolverines in the same area.

After viewing the photos, Magoun and research assistant Pat Valkenburg redesigned the camera site so that when the wolverines return — and Magoun believes they will — they will be able to get photos of the wolverines’ abdomens which will help determine the sex of the animals.


groovy mike's picture

I can't help but like them!

I know they are destructive, but I can’t help but like Wolverines. They just seem like cool critters to me. I have never had a close encounter with one. Don’t know as I really want one – but anything that is tenacious enough to earn a place in their world and come out as a successful species has to earn some sort of respect. I am also a fan of wildlife naturally returning to their native habitat which they had been driven out of. I don’t know as anything needs to be introduced to an area artificially, but if an animal starts pushing back the boundaries of habitat loss, I say good for them!