Deputies Kill Wolf in Elk City

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Idaho Department of Fish and Game has authorized the Idaho County sheriff's department to kill wolves in Elk City Township. The deputies were able to do just that this weekend when a resident reported a wolf in their backyard. Elk City Deputy Mike Chlebowski shot at the young female wolf Saturday night, but only injured it, the wolf ran off into the woods. Sunday two deputies tracked down the injured wolf and killed it. Sheriff Doug Giddings told the Lewiston Tribune that he believes there are too many wolves in the region and they've moved into Elk City. From The Missoulian.


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I am glad that they recovered the wounded animal

Well, I am glad that they recovered the wounded animal and finished her off.  I'd say that the Elk City deputy had no business shooting the wolf if he was unsure of making a clean kill, but I have messed up shots myself that should have been slam dunks so I can’t point a finger too fiercely.  A wounded wolf is probably worse than a healthy wolf as far as being a danger to livestock, pets, and (God forbid) people.  Kudos to the law enforcement officers that followed up, tracked down, finished, and recovered the animal. 

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pretty brazon

It looks like wolves are becoming pretty brazen in that area.  I realize Elk City isn't much more than a wide spot in the road, but even at that, when wolves come into town, bad things are going to happen.  I'm surprised the resident didn't handle it him/herself.  I would be surprised if there was one single resident in that town that didn't have and know how to use a weapon.  I'm surprised they didn't just grab their ought-six, open the back door and drop the wolf.

But then, they would be in big trouble.  And not by fellow townspeople, but by some California animal right's group feeling sorry for the little wolfie.  These people are out of touch with reality.  People who live in these areas know the dangers and have to deal with them often. 

My guess is that the homeowner might have been at least as good a shot as the officer.  I wonder what the officer used to shoot at the animal?  His service revolver?  His riot shotgun?  Or maybe a rifle?  I'd guess some of those officers in that little town carry a hunting rifle in their patrol car just for these situations.  Unless they are imports from some city far away.

I've elk and deer hunted in that area and I know most of the residents are hunters and have firearms leaning against the back door.  Maybe the Elk City government should open season on any wolf found in the city limits.