Deli Employees Poach Deer on College Campus

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Apparently stealth wasn't a part of the game plan for two Big Belly Delly employees, of Rahway New Jersey, caught poaching deer on the Rutgers campus. Gerard Kirk and Peter Ward were apprehended in a van bearing the Big Belly Delly name. According to, the pair had previously taken poached game back to the deli, but authorities are still trying to determine if any of the game was sold to customers.

Chicketano said the state began an investigation Jan. 25, after Rutgers police received reports of gunshots on the Livingston campus. Police received information the shots were coming from a white van. Police and state investigators arrested Kirk and Ward in a deli van on the campus. The driver was "driving slow, in a manner consistent with deer poaching," said Mark Chicketano, acting chief of enforcement for the state Division of Fish and Wildlife.


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I agree, what kind of idiots

I agree, what kind of idiots are they?  Driving slowly, around a campus, shooting fromt he van?

Anyone having flashbacks to the D.C. Snipers????

The article is a little weird though, as they say they "Improperly handled" the meat they brought into the deli.  Does that mean it was illegal to bring in to the deli in the first place , or just the way they did it?

Also, the way they comment about it being sold to customers is interesting.  It's like they treat it as tainted meat or something.  Heck, probably the healthiest stuff they had. lol

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Still trying to determine if

Still trying to determine if the game was being sold to the customers? That's good, what else would their motive have been? I know times are tough but this is not the way to supply the resteraunt cooler for sure.

Aside from the poaching issue how about the safety of it. Shooting on a college campus? What kind of idiots are these guys?

Hopefully they throw the book at these guys. They have given real hunters a bad name with the poaching and gun owners in general as careless dangerous law breakers. We don't need any more of this kind of crap damaging the mora,l ethical true sportsman out there.

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Now - there's  a little bit

Now - there's  a little bit of humor in this one IMO. Driving a van marked "Big Belly Deli" slowly around the edge of the campus, probably shooting at the deer from the back door?

That one will be talked about for a while, I would imagine! I'm guessing that the students will come up with some interesting saying about these guys like, "Yeah, that was about as clever as the Deli Duo", or something.

It takes all kinds!

The article says that they had done this before, and were taking the deer back to the Deli. I'm just wondering if anyone noticed any new items on the menu recently.