Deer Hunters as Young as 10 Able to Start Hunting Today in Michigan

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This year with a new Michigan law, youngsters as young as 10 will be out in the fields hunting, with a guardian. One youngster, Zeke Richmond is excited, he has been working with his grandfather, Vic Youmans, all summer on his shooting. "I'm just kinda getting more excited each day because it's getting closer," Zeke said, adding that his goal this season is simple. "Just come home with a big, nice buck!" Vic says he will keep a close eye on the boy, and has made sure that Zeke knows what he is doing, and is able to control the firearm. Zeke is going with his cousin, and Vic has worked with both of his grandchildren. Vic said he started hunting when he was 13, and there was no age limit back then.

The new law specifies that hunters 17 and under be accompanied by a guardian. Those 13 and younger can only hunt on private land. Zeke will be hunting on land across from his grandfather's in Belding. Wishing all hunters a safe and successful hunt. From


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I read everything about

I read everything about Michigan with interest as it's the state I was born in. By the time I was old enough to hunt though we had moved just over the border into Wisconsin. If I remember correctly and I could be wrong Wisconsin you could hunt at 12 but Michigan was still 14. I think it's great to see this age reduction as back then we still had some private land and I could have started hunting much earlier. I did manage to get one small doe with a bow before we moved to Colorado but I still feel I missed out back then. COlorado used to be 14 but fortunately lowered it before my kids started hunting. Anyway this is a good thig as we need to get more of the kids started sooner before they get distracted by other things. I'm looking at other states like this one and Texas where you can start even younge than that as my grandson is over 2 years old now and I can't wait to get him started also.

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I love to read stories about

I love to read stories about the youth hunts out there. I was actually thinking about them alot as I sat in my stand this weekend.  My dad is 64 years old, and my boys are 1 and 5.  I want my Dad to be able to hunt with them, but out here in California you cannot hunt big game until you are 12.  That would mean my dad would be 71 and 75 when they both become eligible, and not suree how much hunting he'll be doing them.

However, Vermont does not have a limit, and they welcome out of state youths too.  So, I was sitting there wondering what age I could get them hunter safety trained, then get them to Vermont for youth season.  Can't wait to do  it.

Anyway, hopefully Michigan youth and other states had good youth days in the last few weeks.  Vermont's was a great success.  Always good to see!

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  This is great news for the


This is great news for the youth of Michigan. There are many other states need to look closely and adjust their age requirements within their "youth" programs to allow responsible trained youth along with their responsible parents or chaperones to hunt the regular season that all other resident hunters enjoy - and even create early seasons to assist in youth being active within the sport.   As for the age 13 requirement highlighted I guess the focus is if they are on private property there is less pressure and thus less odds of having an accident.  As for the good doctor providing argument that a youth having behavioral problems is reasoning for no youth being able is garbage.  You cannot regulate based on a small percentage of the masses.  A problem with this country already.  I am all for states allowing responsible and trained youth below the age of 12 to participate in this great sport. Kudos to Michigan!


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I've always why 12 was

I've always why 12 was arbitrarily chosen by many states as the legal age to start hunting.  It seems to me, if you are able to attend and pass a hunter safety course, then you should be able to begin hunting, under close supervision by a mentor.  In Colorado, the legal age for big game hunting is 12.  But, there isn't a minimum age for hunting small game.  Wingshooting is much less controlled at close ranges than shooting a rifle in my opinion.  I would think an 8 or 9 year old out bird hunting would be a much bigger risk to other hunters than an 8 or 9 year old deer hunting.

It's good to see Michigan lower the age requirement a bit for young hunters.  It is peculiar that under 13 have to hunt on private land though.  Not sure I get the rational for that requirement.  At any rate, we need more young hunters in the field.