Deer Feeding Ban Starts Thursday in Virginia

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Virginia wildlife officials don't recommend feeding deer any time of the year, but starting Thursday it is illegal. From September 1st until the first week in January it is illegal to feed deer in Virginia, this coincides with deer hunting season as well.

Feeding deer is not the best idea for the animal. It can cause disease, contamination, and having the deer become too comfortable around humans. From The Washington Post Local.


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I agree Goose.  I have never

I agree Goose.  I have never liked baiting of deer.  Nothing bugs me more than seeign photos of deer, with a feeder in the background.  Or watching a hunting show where someone smacks a nice deer, right next to the feeder, and talks about how hard the hunt was... lol

Don't get me wrong, I would not try to take away anyone's right to do it if it is LEGAL, but I don't agree with it.  Glad to see Virginia putting a ban on it.

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Although there is no baiting

Although there is no baiting allowedin Colorado at any time I don't have a problem if it;s kegal in other places. It's interesting that some states have lifted the ban on it while others are now instating it. I think there is a lot of confusion on how bad or good it may be or what problems it may really cause. And of course there is a big industry for the bait itself and all the things that go along with it. It will be interesting to see if they accomplish any of the goals they had in mind when they made this change.

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I have never agreed with

I have never agreed with feeding or baiting animals.  I also thought it unfairily maybe brought the animals to place that they may not normally go to.  Gald to see Virginia put a stop to it atleast durning the hunting seasons.