Deer: Breaking and Entering in Chatham Ontario

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Mary McIntosh was upstairs, with her daughter, in her home Friday afternoon when she heard glass breaking. McIntosh ran downstairs to a surprising site, a deer in her living room and another one in the dining room. McIntosh and her daughter ran out of the house through the front door. The deer trapped inside continued trying to escape and sustained many injuries. Damage to the home was in excess of $25,000.

A neighbor walking his dog heard the commotion, and ran inside to open the back door. The deer went running out. They continued frantically trying to escape, first jumping into a pool, climbing out and then jumping the backyard fences.

From Chatham Daily News:

"Police said the deer were safely put down before they suffered any more harm to themselves."

When Mike McIntosh arrived home he said the home looked like a scene out of Scarface. Service Master was called in to clean the house afterwards. They are usually called to clean up after trauma scenes, and have never seen anything like this from deer.


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Yet another crazy story.  You

Yet another crazy story.  You will start to hear more and more of these stories especially as more and more people move out in the deer parts of the woods to try and escape the city....then these are the same people that complain about the deer eating their plants and trees.

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I also have read a few

I also have read a few reports similar to this before but never with this much damage to either the home or the deer involved. Usually they just get in throught he door or crash through the widow and go right back out the same way. I've never seen two come through together either. It shows how dangerous even a deer can be as the the amount of damage clearly shows.

At least they were able to put them down fairly quickly so as not to prolong the suffering.

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It seems like every year

It seems like every year there are a few stories about deer breaking into homes and businesses.

Too bad they had to put the deer down, but man, look at the photo of the blind that the guy is holding.  Talk about some blood. 

That deer probably would have died from it's wounds anyway.  Good to put it out ofit's misery.