Deer Attack Story to be Featured on "Fatal Attractions"

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The Animal Planet TV show "Fatal Attractions" will feature the story of an Ellenburg, New York man who was killed in 2006 by a whitetail deer he kept as a pet. The Press Republican has the full story.

No one knows why Ronald Donah, 43, a correction officer who worked at Lyon Mountain Correctional Facility, entered the pen of the rutting buck when he got home from work on the morning of Nov. 12, 2006. A neighbor reportedly heard a scream; when he went to check on Ronald, it was too late.


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Darwinism at its finest, who

Darwinism at its finest, who in there right mind would enter a pin with a rutting buck? Sad that he went that way but it could have been avoided. hopefully others will learn from his mistakes. Has anyone ever watched that show? i've seen it a few times and i just shake my head in disbelief. these are wild animals, whether there in a pin or born in captivitie they are still wild and sooner or later there insticts will kick in.

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Fellow hunters, use this

Fellow hunters, use this story as a lesson and remember that you are not only out hunting for recreation and food, you are also saving lives!

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I remember when this

I remember when this happened.  Pretty sad, but predictable.

Can't mess with mother nature.  Wild animals will always be just that, wild.  Leave them where they belong, is my opinion.

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That's right. I always did

That's right. I always did know deep inside that when I was hunting, it was more a matter of self-preservation than anything else!

I don't suppose people will ever get over the idea that a wild animal is different than a domesticated animal. Even "tame" animals can get grumpy during their mating seasons and around the food trough or dish. How much more are wild animals unpredictable during these times?