Deep Snow May Delay Opening of Popular Shed Hunting Destination

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Adding more confirmation to the consensus that this winter was harder hitting than average, the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks may delay opening of the Sun River Wildlife Management Area because elk are delayed in the deep snow. Sun River usually opens May 15th to allow in shed hunters, but with heavy snowpack some 600-800 elk are still in the management area. Westport News has a write up on the possible delay.

The May 15 opening on the Sun River Wildlife Management Area is eagerly anticipated by antler collectors who in the past would camp out in anticipation of the midnight opening, then rushing in to collect the trophies left by the departing elk. The opening has been changed this year from midnight to noon on May 15.


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I've never heard of this

I've never heard of this particular shed hunt either and don't think I would want to be a part of it. The enjoyment of going out and looking for sheds is enjoying the outdoors and spending some relaxed time out there. Looks like too much competition in this one more as a money maker than anything else for a lot of the people there.

I'll stick with my low odds but enjoyable mountain walks that enjoy here at home by myself.

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Well, I think it would be a

Well, I think it would be a fun time!

There is a heck of a demand for those though, that's probably why some people do it.  Here is an article I found from about 5 years ago about this hunt.

It says that even then, they would sell for $10 a pound.  With normal elk sheds weighing 10-15 pounds, you find just 4 or 5 sheds, and you could have $500.

Plus, all the chandeliers, knife handles, etc. that they can make, it could be very profitable.

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Shocker I know but I have

Shocker I know but I have never heard of this.  I am shocked to hear that people would camp out for shed hunting.  There must be alot of sheds with the chance to really find some big ones.  With the snow being so deep I have to wonder if the elk would have been in the area for them to drop there sheds there or would they have moved to a lower elevation.

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It seems like a lot of

It seems like a lot of "opening days" are very different this year. Here in Michigan, our rivers open back up for fishing after being closed for a couple of months to allow the fish to spawn unmolested.

This year, most of the rivers, streams and creeks were flooded over their banks on opening day, April 30. If you went to a boat ramp on one of the larger rivers, the water began at the entrance of the parking lot, rather than midway down the ramp as usual. Some people were launching their boats in the parking lots!

Once in the river, there was need for diligence to avoid the trees coming down the swollen river that were larger than the boats. Fishing was practically impossible due to all the debris that was not only floating on the surface, but also suspended in the swirling water.

Yup - a different opening day to be sure. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out.

I'm sure that the sheds will still be there when the snow leaves the Sun River area, but it will mean that people have to change their annual plans a bit.