Decoy Does Its Job

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Two men in New Mexico could not resist the deer. It was right by the roadside, they pulled the truck over, got out and started shooting at it. Little did they know the deer was a decoy set up by Game and Fish officers to catch poachers. This area was a high traffic area where poaching had previously taken place. The duo's actions were caught on video.

When Game and Fish officials talked to the men, they found a deer carcass in the truck. Both men face charges, one of which; hunting without a license. The decoy is used to catch poachers, and those that don't abide by the hunting rules or hunt safely. From


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Bone head award of the

Bone head award of the year!!!!!  Not only did they shoot a decoy, they shoot a decoy that the game and fish where running.  Then to find out they had already killed a deer.  I am ashamed to say we come from the same state!!  I hope they really throw the book at them, but i know they won't.  I would have halled them off to jail for all the beer cans in the back of the truck.  but thats just me.   not happy because i know in this state they will get away with it.