Decatur Treestand Maker Climbs to the Top

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John Woller, Sr. was a full time engineer at Amoco, when he created his first tree stand in his garage with friends in the 60s. After creating his first one, he kept thinking about how to make it better. His first one would last generations and Woller found his niche. Woller would come home from work and put together stands, his wife would load his trucks and take phone calls, and on the weekend Woller was out selling his stands to sporting goods stores. This dedication to safety and hardwork has paid off for Woller. His first design was steel because with the weld it was safer, he didn't trust the lighter aluminum.

"By designing our extrusions to mechanically lock the frame parts together, we were able to do that, so all the welds had to do was keep the parts aligned, and that's what we've been doing ever since."

Also he was ahead of the times with stand safety; requiring full body harnesses in 2000, when the Tree Stand Manufacturers Association starting requiring the harnesses in 2004. Woller has also kept everything but one part domestic out of Decatur. Automating the line has enabled him to keep his prices competitive, and has helped Summit Treestand become one of the nation's largest producers of stands. The full story on Al.Com.


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Great article on one man's

Great article on one man's dedication and drive to make a quality product with all the features that hunters wanted and needed. Even putting safety into the design before it was a standard practice. I admire his work and innovation to build with local material and change with the time to stay competetive. I will definately check these out if I am ever in the market for a tree stand in the future.