Deal on Elk Property in Utah

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A 3,800 acre ranch, with a massive 11,000-square-foot lodge that includes 13 bedrooms and a 50 head bull elk herd, finds itself affected by the economy. The bank now owns Tabby Mountain Ranch after the original owners facing bankruptcy lost it.

The loss of this lodge shows the affects from the economy's downturn, and that hunters are not willing to pay thousands for the trophy bull elk hunts any more.

Tabby Mountain Ranch is located just outside of Tabiona, Utah. A Minnesota based bank is trying to sell it, without any luck so far. The asking price $6.5 million, down from the original $10 million. From Deseret News.


COMeatHunter's picture

Deal?  As in a good deal on

Deal?  As in a good deal on an undervalued property?  Clearly not the average guy's ranch!

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What a Deal!!!


I'll wait a couple more months and then maybe the bank will accept my offer of $500K!!!  lol



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Sorry, but I am willing to go

Sorry, but I am willing to go $600,000..... Wink

 Edit:  Just looked it up, and you have to put up a $100,000 cashiers check just to be eligible to bid.  Guess they don't want you and I participating.... lol