Dazed Deer Gets Reprieve From Officer

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Deputy Ryan Swartz responded to a call that a car had hit a deer. He got there and the doe was still totally dazed and frozen from the impact. He says it is one of the strangest calls he has ever been on. The doe had just been hit by a Buick and was still standing in the road frozen.

When Swartz arrived he thought it was a decoy it was so still. He thought if he walked up to it, it would run off. He walked up to it, it stood still. He petted the doe behind the ears, still nothing. Deciding the only way to clear it from the road was to pick it up and carry it. Swartz carried the deer off the road, and the deer stood motionless for another 10 minutes. Swartz went to pet it again, and the deer finally came to from its shock and ran off. From 5WNEM.com.


yeah i would not have picked

yeah i would not have picked up or carried a deer of any size, im the guy that would have gotten beat up by a deer

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That is some crazy stuff

That is some crazy stuff right there.  Good to see the officer do that and just not put it down but make an effort to save it.  had that been me petting the deer it would have most likely kicked me in the face...just as my luck goes.  Seems to me that the deer was not really too badly hurt....real curious as to why it acted like that though.

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That's really unusual!  Not

That's really unusual!  Not sure what I would have done in that situation, probably not gone up and petted the deer.  And I sure as heck wouldn't have carried it off the road for fear of getting the snot knocked out of me by a wild animal.

Glad it all worked out in the end.

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  Wow - that is wild!   I


Wow - that is wild!   I thought at first that it was a decoy as well.  Obviously it was the shock of the impact with the vehicle that put this doe in the dazed state.  Based on how well she looked running away the doe must have only had its head area as a part of the impact.  Glad in reading the article that all people were unharmed here.  Also glad to see the deer was able to gather its factions and return back into the woods... hopefully a little smarter about crossing the road... and hopefully to fill somebody's tag in a couple of days.  Also a very dangerous situation with the picking up of this animal to move it off of the road but certainly glad it worked with no struggle or harm to the officer.


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I have heard of a similar

I have heard of a similar story like this one but never with documentation or any sort of proof like a video to back it up. Very cool story and one to remember for sure for the officer involved in it.

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Saw this yesterday on

Saw this yesterday on FoxNews.  I thought the same thing as the officer, it looked just like a decoy that someone had placed there.  It was pretty funny.  I can't believe that even after picking the thing up, dragging it to one side of the road, and then back to the other, the deer still didn't try to struggle and get out of his arms. Must have been in some catatonic state, like a person going into shock.

Glad to see it was captured on the dashboard camera, or else people probably wouldn't have believed it.  Also glad to see he didn't decide to throw it in the cruiser, and bring it back to the station for an end of shift barbecue.... Wink I bet he'll talk about that one for awhile.