A Day Makes a Huge Difference When Buying a License

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Jeff Kerr did not buy a hunting license for the season. He had a good construction job and did not think he would find the time needed to go hunting. Then on a day off a call came from a friend and he found himself on his Grandmother's 40 acres in Lapeer County's Marathon Township, Michigan.

November 20th Kerr and his friend were in the field and spotted a 13 point buck. Kerr's friend shot at the buck twice and missed. Kerr said he could not miss this opportunity so he fired from 10 yards downing the buck.

Kerr left the buck in the field, went and purchased a license, and then came back for the buck.

Someone called the DNR with a tip that Kerr did not have the $15 license when he shot the buck. Conservation officer Ken Kovach interviewed Kerr, and Kerr was honest. He told him he did not have the license when he shot the buck. Kerr had to forfeit the buck. The DNR plans on using the antlers when talking to the public about hunting laws. Kerr faces up to a $1500 fine. From The Republic.


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It's poaching and ge got the

It's poaching and he got the fine he deserved.

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The friend

Who would've known he didn't have a tag but the friend?  Think he was ticked that he didn't get his buck of a lifetime?  With that said, I'd never go hunting without my tags.  I know last year I had only one weekend to hunt spring turkey and bought a license only to come up empty.  That's the way the cookie crumbles some years.

Close To Poaching

Sorry guys but I have absolutely no sympathy for this sport.  If not reported he would have gone his merry way with no one the wiser.  I wonder how quick he would have been walking out into the field after comming back from the hardware store, fresh tag in hand if a Warden had been standing over the carcass. Since when has hunting become a no kill - no pay proposition.   He knew he was going hunting and willfully didn't buy a tag.  A tag that almost costs as much as a twelve pack of beer.

I don't advocate tossing the book at him.  Let him keep his rifle and next years hunting privaleges.  Toss in a $100 to remind the big spender to buy a tag first next year.

Hunting ethics - what you do in the field when you know no one is watching.

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We are all human.  Hopefully

We are all human.  Hopefully they will be lenient with the guy since he did try to do the right thing, although it was after the fact. 


I'm surprised they let him that picture.

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I've often asked myself what

I've often asked myself what I would do in a similar situation.

From all appearances this guy tried to make the situation right and do the right thing by getting a tag after the fact. This just goes to show that anytime you have a witness you're in trouble.



and his friend was where?????