Darted Elk = Dinner for Mountain Lion

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In an effort to determine what is causing the decline of the Custer State Park elk in South Dakota, elk are darted and studied. One unfortunate elk became a quick and easy dinner for a mountain lion. The Rapid City Journal has a write up about the incident. A more extensive article about the elk herd decline.

"It was a nice sunny day, and I guess that lion was sitting out there sunning itself when an elk staggers up and tips over," said Gary Brundige, resource manager in Custer State Park. "Well, what's any top-of-the-line predator going to do in a situation like that?" It killed the elk and prepared to have dinner.


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That is really bizarre.

This poor Elk.  She had a better shot of walking in a gas station and buying a winning lottery ticket than getting shot by dart and mauled by a Lion.  Hopefully the biologists and/or their students were able to get some good data.  That really is a bizarre occurance.

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Hey tree huggers - look at this !

 Food chain.  That's how it works. And here's another example of why we should stay out of it except as hunters.

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If they wanna know why the

If they wanna know why the elk herd is shrinking maybe they could read there write up, I'll spell it out for them, PREDATORS!!! Its not rocket science. if they want stable and growing elk and deer herds you have to control predators. Growing cat numbers and growing wolf number will be the reason for the herds shrinking, I'll put money on that.

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Yeah, but you know some

Yeah, but you know some animal rights group will try to say that it was a set-up.  Maybe they tranqued the mountain lion, then laid it next to the elk.

Bet you it happens.... Wink

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That is kinda funny.  Here

That is kinda funny.  Here they are trying to find out why this elk herd is diminishing, and they end up feeding a mountain lion.  If mountain lion predation is not mentioned in the final report related to these herd numbers, you know something is wrong. 

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Well that is a pretty crazy

Well that is a pretty crazy story.  That is one lucky lion he did not have to work at all for a meal....hopefully he is not a real smart one and starts folowing the helicopters around looking for meals...LOL.