Coyotes Unruly in Biloxi

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The residents of Biloxi are unnerved by their neighbors, the coyotes. One man saw his dog get carried off into the woods in the mouth of a coyote. The residents want the city to come up with a solution before they lose more pets, or worse, a child is harmed. The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife told the Biloxi police there are three methods they could use, traps, poison, and snares. However in a city with many pets and small children none of these seem like practical options, from Picayune Item.


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well, i can say that i have

well, i can say that i have been attacked by a coyote first hand. as an adult... well, teenager. I was in the back of this hay pasture with the girl that's now my wife. we were doing things teenagers do from time to time and this coyote decided it was going to try to take advantage of the situation. it rushed in and i got up, picked up a stic and chased it buck naked accross my dad's farm in the dark.

i guess it kind of depends on how hungry the coyote is.

i'm all for trapping with leg-hold devices. use a montana #3... sure you'll catch a dog or 2 probably, but you'll also kill more coyotes than you could have imagined.

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This is nothing new and

This is nothing new and something that most communities have always had to deal with here out west. I can't remember if I have ever heard of a coyote attacking a human but I'm sure it is very rare. On the other hand coyotes running off with peoples cats and small dogs is a very common occurence out here. Not much you can do about it but keep an eye on your pets and especially make sure they are in after dark. As far as the children go I can understand their concern but believe it is mostly an unfounded fear unless there is something else that has changed the coyotes vehavior in the area that I am not aware of.