Coyote vs. Labradoodle

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A woman was hiking with her dog on Smuggler Mountain Trail near Aspen, Colorado. The labradoodle was off leash, and just ahead of her as a coyote attacked and hauled him off to a pack of coyotes, then ate the labradoodle in front of the owner according to Aspen Times.

If coyotes are brave enough to attack a pet, they can just as easily attack people. Coyote attacks on people are not common but do happen. In October 2009, a teenage folk singer, Taylor Mitchell, was hiking in Nova Scotia when she was attacked by 2 coyotes and later died from the injuries sustained.

David McDaniel runs a nuisance animal removal business in Eagle, Colorado and says he has been receiving more calls in Aspen involving coyotes. Such incidents are not unusual given the encroachment of development on wildlife areas, he said. “We don't have a good system for controlling urban coyotes in this state.”


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here in the town i live in,

here in the town i live in, lots of people were losing cats. everybody suspected it was due to a bobcat in the area. i saw the bobcat frequently when i was out riding my horse. so, after i learned it's territory (not to mention the horsefarm has a good set of cliffs) i set some traps and got him during the winter. the complaints of lost animals in the area have stopped, but honestly, i'm not sure if the cat would have really wanted  to mess with domestic cats all that much. i would almost bet that some witch or warlock wannabe was taking these cats for some kind of ritualistic sacrifice... in my neighborhood, that is slightly more believable.

as a hunter, i do pay lots of attention to animal attacks in the news. for some reason, i think that the attacks give more credibility to the hunting of predators. specifically, i think hunters need to concentrate on the states of california, oregon and washington. these are places where the pursuit of predators is frowned upon. they have booming bear and mountain lion populations and declining deer and elk. we need to gain some of that ground back or the yuppie effect will cascade eastward.

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Well I leave town for a

Well I leave town for a couple of days and it looks like I missed the news from my local paper. This is no surprise though as I posted here somewhere recently that this is a fairly common occurence around here but usually ionvolves cats more than dogs. People know these things happen and that there are many wild animals in the areas they go hiking here but syill refuse to keep pets on a leash and let them run freely around. I know they like to run but if you have something that is bite sized for a pet you had better make sure to keep them close. It's unfortunate that these things happen but nature took it's coursr in this instance. I would not thiink that these coyotes would be considered dangerous but as I don't know the whole story I'm not sure. If they stayed to eat the pet while she watched then obviously they have lost all fear and could be a problem.