Coyote Hunter Calls in a Surprise

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In recent years it has become easier to put the stealth on coyotes. High quality realistic digital remote callers, new cover scents, new scent blockers, and a wide array of camo patterns that let you virtually disappear and let the game come to you. Keep in mind that you might get more than you bargained for in big cat country.

The Las Vegas Review Journal has a story about hunter Ryan England and his recent eventful coyote hunt.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a mountain lion landed in the middle of England's set, and it didn't take him long to recognize the lion was looking for breakfast.

"When he first came in sight, he was airborne and he landed right on my call," England said as he described in detail the cat's sudden appearance. "That's how good he pinpointed my call, where that noise was coming from. He landed on that call, knocked it from the dead tree it was on."


Surprise Surprise

 What an awesome surprise that would be. We don't have those surprises here in Tennessee. At least most people don't. Some say there are mountain lions around but officially, no. I would love to have that happen to me, just to see a mountain lion up close. I know I will be investing in that call. That is a bonus to this story. It must work really good to draw in the ghost of the woods. Impressive story with an amazing chain of events that lead up to the shotgun blast. Man I think I would have been high on life to as he stated. That is why I love the outdoors, how else would get to experience events like this setting at home watching Friends and Glee. Let me answer that for you, you can't. That would be one beautiful trophy mount. Great Story.

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That will definetly get your

That will definetly get your attention.  I have a buddy that was coyote hunting and called in a bobcat to about 10 feet.  He took pictures of it the whole way ina dnlast picture you can tell by where the barrel of his gun is the bobcat was very close.  We were coyote/ bobcat hunting in the mountain one time and that was our biggest concern...calling in a mountain lion.

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I have heard of people

I have heard of people calling in mountain lions while hunting other predators before but I want to say that this is the first time that I have heard of them being called in inadvertantly with a rabbit call. I want to say that the other stories I have heard involved a fawn in distress call like you mentioned. That is kind of asking for it if you are in an area with a high density of cats. Deer are the main prey species of mountain lions and so a fawn in distress call is like ringing a dinner bell. Nature does keep you on your toes. I would say that reason is one of the biggest reasons that keeps a lot of us coming back year after year. We do not really want to get that close to death but the surprises that mother nature can throw your way can be the most amazing things that you have ever witnessed. Since he lived through this event, give it a few years and this might be his best outdoor memory of all.

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I think I would be pretty

I think I would be pretty shocked, to say the least.  I guess you never know what nature is gonna throw at you.

I have had guys swear by the fawn distress call to actually bring in deer.  They say that especially if you are hunting for does, it's a great call to try.  Like they said, you never know what it's going to bring in.

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That would make for quite the

That would make for quite the surprise. And the article is right... He sure does have something to be thankful about. It sounds like if he had been a fraction of a second slower to get to the trigger than he might have called in grim reaper instead of a coyote. And I think I would have rather had the shotgun in my hands at that point anyways. The article makes it sound like he wanted to get to the .243 but couldn't. I would much rather be swinging a shotgun and dumping a bunch of lead at it than trying to hit it looking down the side of a scoped pipsqueak. As I was reading this I couldn't help but think about if his shotgun got tangled and caught in the camo netting that he threw over himself before he started calling. That could have done him in too. He certainly should be counting his blessings. And I wish the article would have talked about if he got to keep the cat or not. That is probably a no so you're right... hopefully he got some pictures.

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Common practice to hunt with

Common practice to hunt with both the shotgun and rifle when predator hunting because sometimes you have to make a quick close shot at a coyote.  I bet he never dreamed that he'd need that shotgun to save his life.

You're right about the "what if's" in the story.  Lots of things could have gone wrong and he's be a goner now. Safety left on and first shot was a dud.  Caught on netting.  Hesitated a second or two before deciding to shot it. 

I think most states if not all will confiscate the animal when it is killed without a tag, but in self defense so as not to provide an incentive for hunters to claim self defense instead of buying a tag or killing the animal out of season.

Regardless, he got a trophy of a story to last him a lifetime.

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Note to self...when predator

Note to self...when predator hunting, you might actually call in more than one species of predator! 

Good thing that guy had quick reflexes, otherwise he might have been breakfast!

I can't imagine the feedback if this story had happened in California!

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Man, what a rush.  Luckily it

Man, what a rush.  Luckily it happened quickly otherwise that guy might have had to clean his pants :)  Too quick to get scared and fortunately his reactions were on the mark.  I read the story about the taxidermy and the writing pales in comparison to this one.  This was well written, provided the facts, engaged the reader and was enjoyable to read.

i can't imagine the feeling of realizing that suddenly you are the prey.  I imagine that he can't keep the cat and it will be confiscated so I hope he got some pics because it is quite the story.