Coyote Chases Cat Into Home

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Coyote incidents appear to be on the increase across the country. A coyote chased a cat, and followed the cat into unknown territory. William Biscoe a Battle Ground, Washington resident assumed a dog was inside his home Monday morning. Turns out the dog, the cat and an extra animal were all inside his home. The cat had been chased into the house through the doggy door, the coyote hot on its trail, followed the cat in through the doggy door. Once the coyote realized he was inside he became frightened and created quite a ruckus.

Biscoe managed to trap the coyote to where he only had one out, and that was the door. He ran out the door and jumped over the fence. Biscoe was not surprised to see the coyote as there is a lot of wildlife. Biscoe had forgotten to close the gate to his backyard, letting the cat out and the coyote in. "They're not invading us," Biscoe said of the wildlife. "We invaded them. We're in their land." From


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Funny, and not surprising at

Funny, and not surprising at all.  We've had alot of coyote attacks up here.  I have not heard of them entering houses, but backyards for sure.

I have known of 2 small dogs and one cat, at least, in my neighborhood that have become a meal for coyotes.  If I ever see a "missing cat" sign posted somewhere, I immediatly think "coyote".

We just need more people out there practicing coyote population control.

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Pretty interesting situation.  And as much as I'm "not" afraid of most wild animals and especially coyotes, this could have been a dangerous situation.  I honestly believe most wild animals would rather take flight than fight.  They would rather get as much space between them and you as they can.  But, if cornered, they are given no alternative other than "fight". 

That coyote could have taken on a completely different personality when confronted with a human and no place to go.  He/she could have attacked rather than retreat.  And then everyone would have worried about rabies in the area.  The coyote was not doing anything out of his character when chasing the cat.  It was hungry and the cat presented a fine meal. 

With that said, it does seem the pooch was going beyond normal behavior to enter the house.  Especially when it had to go through a doggie door where it didn't have any idea what was on the other side.  I did appreciate Biscoe's attitude that the coyote was not there to do harm to people and was in its own environment.

But yes, we seem to be hearing a lot more about coyote - human encounters and they're not all good.  It will be interesting to see if states do put a bounty back on them.  I can tell you that in the state of Washington (where this incident took place) farmers would love to see a bounty on the little rascal, as they are a genuine threat to newborn calves and lambs.  I'd like to see the bounty as well.

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I find it rather humerous too

I find it rather humerous too as I do not really care for cats.  I bet that coyote was freaking out nowing that he was in a sence trapped and probably wondered if the cat was gonna turn on him now that he was i the cat territory.

Yeah coyote, peope and pet encounters are starting to pop up all over the place.  Make a person wonder if some more states will start putting a bounty back on them.  If so I have alot of places I could go to supliment my income a bit.

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Its kind of Funny...  Just

Its kind of Funny...  Just cause i hate cats.   But having wild animal in your house really doesn't sound like no fun, being a coyote at that. 

Here in my small town we have had Coyote problem for years.  Even going as far as the PD shoting them on site for about 1 year.  (didn't work so well with PETA) but since then we have had about 7 or 8 bad incounters with kids and grown ups getting bite or chased.  I do my part by shooting every legal one i can with my bow.