Coyote Attacks Toddler

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Monday evening in Broomfield, Colorado a father was walking along a path, surrounded by tall grass with his 2 year old son, and 9 month old daughter. Suddenly a coyote sprung out of the tall grass pouncing on the small boy. The coyote bit at the boy, puncturing his back and buttocks area. The boy started screaming, and the coyote took off. The father took the boy to urgent care where his puncture wounds were treated. Colorado Parks and Wildlife responded and are looking for the coyote, but have not found him at this time. “Colorado Parks and Wildlife will continue its search for the animal and investigation into this matter,” Walts said. “If they locate the offending coyote it will be targeted for removal.” From KDVR Fox News.


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wolves check coyote populations

Its amazing that coyote numbers have exploded like they have.  Without wolves checking their population humans must step in to manage their numbers.   I have heard stories of wolves killing coyotes just to kill them and protect their territory.  I wonder if the wolves of Montana and Idaho have affected the coyotes populations as the packs have grown considerably over the last few years.  

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I'm not sure that you'll want wolves roaming on the outskirts of the Denver metro area, even if they do control coyotes.

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They killed one

The DOW killed a coyote they think was the one that attacked the boy.  They still haven't released any info to confirm if it was in fact the right coyote.  Sorry for the boy, that must really suck, but at least he survived it.  This is nothing new at all.  For as long as man has walked this earth he/she have been prey to many wild animals.  I think that many urban people think that when you live in town this isn't supposed to happen.  I'm pretty familliar with the area where the boy was attached and can tell you this is a relatively newly developed area literally on the north edge of the metropolitan area.  Still lots of open land and fields that are becoming neighborhoods around here.  In fact a shooting range I used ot use once existed real close to that area, but was closed because a land developer wanted to build a golf course that now exists there.  People still need to be vigilant when living in semi-urban or semi-rural areas, and the area where the attack occured is exactly that.  Coyotes, foxes, racoons, and cougars still roam these edges of the metro area. 

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I saw this one on the new

I saw this one on the new last night and have to say I was surprised. I posted recently that a coyote attack was something I would not even worry about but it seems like I may have to rethink my position a little. This is the second attack in Colorado in the last couple of months so I hope it's not something thats's going to become more common. Fortunately the father was able to chase it away quickly and was paying attention so nothing worse happened. Rabies was the first thing I thought about as well but without the coyote to test the boy has to undergo the full treatment.

More reason for us to get out there and knock down as many of these buggers as we possibly can.

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sure seems

It sure seems like we're getting a rash of coyote attacks lately.  And they are during the daytime with people around.  Maybe this father should sue the state of Colorado for not keeping their coyote population in control???  (Like people in Canada sue if a moose crosses the road in front of them) 

Or maybe, they should declare a state of war on coyotes.  Like someone else said, I haven't seen a coyote yet that I didn't feel the need to dump.  I believe God created coyotes for the sole purpose of providing a challenging, moving target for those of us who love to shoot.  I realize coyotes do keep some rodent populations in check, but when they start attacking children, they must go.

How would someone know which coyote to kill in a case like this?  Who cares which coyote you shoot would be a better way of asking it.  Shoot every coyote in the area and assume you got the right one.  Maybe it's time Colorado put a bounty on coyotes?? 

I have never had rabies and I hope that stays that way.... but it seems logical to me that any coyote willing to attack more than one human is rabid.  Just another good reason to declare war.


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A couple of years ago, we a

A couple of years ago, we a couple of these cases out here in California in just a couple month span.  One was a coyote trying to drag a kid away at a playground, and the other was a toddler at an apartment complex.

Coyotes are like rats out here, there are so many of them.  They have snatched multiple cats and small dogs from our housing development, and I have almost run them over at times while driving through the neighborhood.

It's a scary thing, but what's even more scary, is that there are people out there that seem to care more for the coyotes than they do for the kids.  Every time there is a plan in one of the suburbs to trap, or G*d forbid, actually kill some of the coyotes, you have people streaming out of the woodwork, saying that coyotes hav rights to. I bet they would change their tune if it was one of their toddlers that was attacked by a coyote.

Glad to see the boy isn't seriously hurt, but sad to see he has to go through the rabies shot cycle.  From what I have heard, those are not too pleasant.  Funny he thought the Easter Bunny bit him... lol

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i real feel for the family of

i real feel for the family of the attacked kid.  I know all about coyote bits.  i was bite 7 years ago and it took almost 8 months to recover.  I have never meet a coyote i didn't try to whack!!  Here in Los Alamos, New Mexico we have a true problem that even the that all kids are not to be left alone in front yards in parts of town. 

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Man if I was the Dad I would

Man if I was the Dad I would be hunting that coyote down.  We keep getting all these attacks by coyotes whether it be on people or animals and since I live here in Colorado i can tell you qwe have alot of coyotes running around here.  Maybe the state should look into putting a bounty back o the coyotes even if it's only for a year or so it may thin them out  bit.  I have some property where I can hunt them close to home and duriong the winter months they are real thick out there.  I am sure I could get out and do my part in trying to help.  Most of these attacks happen in a more populated area so hutning them sometimes is not the real answer, but there has to be some sort of plan we can put together to help get them under control.