Count Down Starts on Missouri Elk Reintroduction

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A species reintroduction is a coordinated effort of many people and agencies. The process has started for Missouri's new elk herd, with the capture of 46 elk in Kentucky which will eventually make their way to Peck Ranch. Kansas City Info Zine has a write up about capturing the elk and the testing that is involved before the elk make their way to their new home.

Crews made up of personnel from MDC and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources finished trapping operations Jan. 22, using two corral-type traps in separate locations. They baited the traps with alfalfa hay, corn and sweet feed. The traps were equipped with remotely controlled gates, allowing workers to watch the traps from a distance and close them when elk were inside. “Mature wild bull elk are too strong to work with safely in captivity without sedation,” said MDC Elk Project Manager Ron Dent. “Sedation carries more risk for the animals, and without sedation big bulls pose a danger to workers and other elk in a confined space.”


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More elk means more elk hunting and that has GOT to be a good thing!  Thanks for the information!



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Always interesting to see how

Always interesting to see how they go about doing this.  I have been a memeber on and off of the RMEF, and every time I see something like this, I wish there was one locally that I could volunteer for.  The actual release looks pretty cool when they finally let them go.

Hopefully the animals all check out healthy, and in a few years, we will be talking about some succesful elk hunts in the Ozarks!!!