Cougars Par for Course in Scottsdale

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Mountain lions are notoriously reclusive and a sighting, even for those of us that live in and recreate in cougar country, is rare. Given the nature of mountain lions, it's surprising to to see that a Scottsdale couple photographed a mother lion and her two cubs on the fourth hole of the Desert Mountain Golf Club's Cochise course. has the story and the photos.

The Bormans have lived along the course - one of six private tracts surrounded by rugged Sonoran Desert - for six years. In that time, they said that they have seen all kinds of native wildlife: javelinas, bobcats, coyotes, diamondback rattlesnakes - but never mountain lions, until Monday.


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Geary story and pcitures to

Great story and pictures to go with it. Obviously this group of cougars must be very used to the people around if they didn't spook from the photo shoot. I think I would have been a little more cautious than getting so close that they could hear the camera shutter like she said.

I have only seen one on the wild myself other than with the use of dogs and it immediately turned and fled when it spotted me. Not many people will ever get a chance to see them like that so it it truly an experience to enjoy and be proud of.

Since I don't golf I hope I'm not hurting my chances of spotting another one

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Well, mountain lions truly

Well, mountain lions truly are magnificent creatures.  As arrow flipper said, that photo looks surreal! And to get a photo like that, with the cubs too, is truly special.

Too bad they need to keep eating our deer and elk, or else I wouldn't want to see them hunted. 

I do get a kick though out of the pro hunters and anti hunters going at it on the comment section.  Too funny.

Great story, and great photos!!

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Well its not the cougra I was thinking of on the golf course either but that is a fantastic photograph.  I know people - reliable people- who have seen mountain lions in New York State, but I never have - yet!

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That part of town gets a bad rap for being "un-natural".

Every cougar north of Shea Boulevard is assoicated with Botox, Silcone, Lip Implants and Spray On Tans.  This is a refreshing picture on one of my favorite golf courses.

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Ha ha ha! So are you saying this variety of "cougar" is ok? smile

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The picture looks almost surreal.  It's too good to be true.  But just when you think things like this never happen, there it is.  What a fantastic opportunity to see and photograph wildlife!!  I wonder how long they sat out there like that?

I have spent countless hours in the wilds and have seen only one cougar.  I saw another one run across the road in front of our car once but I won't count that one.  The one I saw was high in the Cascade Mountains while on a mule deer hunt one fall.  I saw it at about 300 yards as it snuck across a rock outcropping.  What a treat that was for me.

As our urban sprawl creeps more into their habitat, I think we'll have more encounters like this one in Arizona.  And I think there will be those encounters that do not end so well.  We did away with all baiting and hound hunting here in Washington State and our cougar population has exploded.  Seldom if ever do you hear of a physical encounter, but when it does happen (I think that is inevitable) you'll hear plenty of uproar about it.  We have a sizable population of mountain lions and they are becoming more brave in coming closer to humans.  I think it's a matter of time before a small child is attacked or a small woman.  I don't think a cougar is as likely to attack a full grown man as a small lady or child.

I loved the picture of the cat and her offspring on the golf course.  Thanks for sharing.

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That is really something. The

That is really something. The biggest problem I see with it is that if they live close enough to the golf course to be there for a Kodak moment, they may not be very far away when the golfers come out to play.

I have never been one to think that animal rights should trump human rights. But I do think that in the past few years there have been people who have developed upscale housing communities and individuals who have built lavish homes on the sides and tops of mountains where they should not have been able to build. Just because you have enough money to buy a mountain in prime elk habitat and build a 4 mile driveway to your 25,000 square foot house on top of that mountain doesn't mean that the local authorities should have allowed it.

I haven't seen a cougar in the wild either, though I have seen a set of tracks on a sandy road once.

Nice picture - thanks for posting the story.