Cougar Struck by Police Car, Tracked Near School

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As a Roseburg Oregon police officer searched for a reported cougar, it suddenly ran in front of him and was struck by the cruiser. Wildlife Services was called to help track the injured cougar. Wildlife Services with assistance from Puck the dog, tracked the injured cat to a residential lawn, 2 blocks from Rose Elementary School. Knowing that kids would be walking to the school soon, time was an issue. From, Sgt. Aaron Dunbar said "We felt like we had to destroy the animal."

Puck, the dog was attacked before the cougar was shot and killed, but is expected to fully recover. The cougar seemed to know his way around Roseburg. It may not have been his first visit. The agricultural land surrounding Roseburg usually serves as a buffer for the cougars, but this was the second cougar killed in the town within a week. Residents are asked to call 911 if they see any cougars in town.


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I agree that a animal that

I agree that a animal that has lost it's fear of humans is nothing to mess around with, and a lion especially could be very dangerous. It's good to see how quickly these guys acted and took care of the problem as they needed to.

Good work to Puck as well and here's to his speedy recovery.

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i read similar reports more

i read similar reports more and more often. when i first moved to casper, wy, there was a lion killed by police hiding behind a dumpster at the elementary school. with animals like this you have no choice but to destroy them. if they have no fear of humans, then they are a danger to us. to me, i consider wolves in the same group. anyone who thinks having larger numbers of wolves or mountain lions has never slept overnight in a place where they live. and they certainly have no experience being around them. when i lived in alaska, i was neverr afraid of grizzlies, i was afraid the wolves would get to the horses i had picketed outside of camp.

now, as mountain lions become more populus, our interactions with them become far more frequent... and with every encounter there is a level of danger.