Cougar Moved After Close Encounter

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Running on a trail behind her house, Victoria Clark was looking at her feet, when suddenly she looked up and was face to face with a cougar. The young female cougar took off and later that day the cougar was again seen by Clark's house. A game warden used a deer carcass, assumed to have been killed by the cougar as bait for a trap he set nearby.

Cougars are not strangers to Sudden Valley in Washington. A large population of deer live in the wooded ravines, a perfect habitat for mountain lions. This cougar was not causing problems, or killing pets, but it was killing deer close to homes, and usually cougars do not allow themselves to be seen, where this one was grooming itself near homes.

Sara Werner Clark, Victoria's mother, is pleased with how the game wardens dealt with the cougar. "I'm so happy that they didn't just come out with an attitude of wanting to kill the cougar to 'keep us all safe,' " she said. "The cougar lives here. This cougar just lacked the smarts of staying out of people's way."

The cougar was moved to a remote part of eastern Whatcom County. From The News Tribune.


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It's great to see that they

It's great to see that they were able to deal with this lion in the way that they did before it actually became a problem. All too often it is after the damage is done that reaction is taken and the animal has to be destroyed. Hopefully the lion will be happy wherever they relocated it to and it will cause no more problems for itself.

The only other thing I notive is the way the kids are being allowed to pet the lion as if it's just a sleeping pet. Hopefully it was clearly explainrd hoe dangerous a wild animal can be so if they ever see another one that acts like this one did they will not try to approach it while it's still up and healthy.

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Well, I would have no problem

Well, I would have no problem if they had shot the female lion, if it had been threatening people.  However, it was not, and this was probably the proper course of action in this case.

I just don't like the quote from the mother.  She sems a little snippy, thinking that "keeping us all safe" is would be why they would shoot it.  Well, excuse me, but isn't that slightly important?  Geez.

I would laugh if that lion had some spasm or involuntary movement in that photo where the little boy is petting it.  See how far he would jump lol

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Well that's good to see that

Well that's good to see that they did not see the cougar as a threat and just reloacted it.  It sure would be nice to see other people react to having a mountain lion in their backyards as these people did.  Hopefully the cat will have learned its lesson and stay away from people, but we all know it seems like they always find there way back to a populated place and then find them selves in the back of a truck one way or another.