Cougar Hangs Out at Lewiston Safeway

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The mountain lion was taking a break in the bushes outside the Lewiston Safeway, calmly watching what the grocers were doing. The officers had been getting reports of cougar activity, but nothing inside the business district. Officers were not too concerned by the calm cat, but later tranqulized him to safely move him outside the city, according to

"It is pretty calm, he's just kind of hanging out," said Sgt. Ted Piche, with LPD. "It seems to be hot and tired. It sleeps a little bit and is just paying attention to what everybody else is doing."


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a couple years ago, there was

stupid double posts... been having problems with this.

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a couple years ago, there was

a couple years ago, there was a cougar "just hanging out" in the playground of the casper elementary school. sounds to me like that cat was after a child.

officers pursued the cat and killed it behind a dumpster near the school i guess.

it was all over the local news the week my wife and i moved to casper. just aweful.

to tell you the truth, i don't care to see predatory animals that behave this way. it's the result of decades of non-hunting. i wonder how long california can hold out when they're losing a jogger a week to mountain lions? then who's the hero? us!

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I don't know the area but

I don't know the area but this would be a little more concerning for me especially with my kids around. It is not like a mountain lion to behave like this. I know they have gotten used to people and lost their fear in most areas but that makes them even more dangerous. I have seen exactly two lions in all my years of hunting, one waas with the use of dogs that I killed but never would have seen otherwise and one was while hunting with my daughter. The cat had killed and was eating on a derr when we spotted it at the same time it saw us from about 75 yard away and like a flash it was gone. I came back the next day and later in the week but as far as I could tell it never returned. That as far as I know is much more normal behavior for these wary animals.

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Gotta love it.  He's "Just

Gotta love it.  He's "Just kinda hanging out".... lol

Looks like he's playing hide and seek or something.  Funny photo.