Conservationists vs. Ranchers

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The wolf battle ramps up between conservationists and ranchers in Idaho. A bill's fate is set to be sealed tomorrow, as the two opponents battle it out. The sponsor of the bill is Senator Jeff Siddoway, who is also a rancher. He says that the wolves have cost ranchers thousands of dollars in losses and damage to their animals. The bill would allow hunters to hunt wolves by air, with helicopters, and high powered parachutes. Conservationists say this measure is overkill, and will land the animals back on the federally protected endangered species list.

Senate Agricultural Affairs Committee will vote on the bill on Wednesday. Also part of the bill is to allow baiting for the wolves. Ranchers would get a 60 day permit, during which time they could go after the offending wolf pack. From


powered parachutes look like

powered parachutes look like a lot of fun- almost like an airboat attached to a parachute. I kind of want one.

Don't think it would make hunting any easier though. Haven't they heard how hard it is to shoot from the air?

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Ummmmmm..... What is a "high

Ummmmmm..... What is a "high powered parachute"?????

We wondered about that too.

We wondered about that too. Need to look into! If you figure it out, let us know!

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Okay, that was quick.  It's

Okay, that was quick.  It's basically just hunting from an ultralite, but the parachute kinds, not the fixed wing kind.

I guess it doesn't scare the game as much as a helicopter, and can cruise along at very low levels, unlike a plane.